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Concert review: Kamijo in Amsterdam

Kamijo, a vocalist who sang in well known bands like Lareine and Versailles has been in Europe many times. Sadly enough he visited the Netherlands only one time with the band Versailles but after 8 years he finally returned to Amsterdam for a second time with his solo-project. Let me share you my experience of the story of Sang.

The first remarkable thing about this tour is that there were upgrades available. One upgrade for early access + handshake and one upgrade for a cheki with Kamijo himself. These upgrades were, suprisingly, very popular, in some countries everything was sold out. In Amsterdam this wasn’t the case but still about 60%-70% of the people who attended the concert bought the early access. In the end the early access upgrade wasn’t really needed at this venue since it was small and you had a good view everywhere.

For this tour Kamijo’s support band consisted of guitarist Meku, guitarist Anzi (Matenrou Opera), bassist Masashi (Versailles) and drummer Yuki (Versailles). Some people even came for the support members, and I admit that they weren’t wrong because they are very skilled musicians. With a small delay the show started with an announcement with the story of Sang and a message that it is forbidden to take evidence of this mystery. All members entered the stage and were welcomed by lots of loud cheering and applause.

The first song kicked in and it didn’t took long before everyone was moving. But only a few seconds after that Kamijo quickly left the stage because fans still tried to take photos while a warning was already given. Honestly that was really disappointing of those people. The security took care of it and it didn’t happen anymore luckily! The concert continued and everyone seemed to forgot about what happened.

The show swallowed everyone into Kamijo’s world, it was a mix of storytelling, heavy songs, melodious songs and lots of smiles. In one song guitarist Meku got executed and in another song everyone on stage was hungry, hungry for blood of course! Kamijo asked to scream many times because the voices of the audience was his power to survive.

There was a lot of energy released by both the fans and the band and it didn’t took long before it got really hot inside the venue. On stage there were two big fans so at least the band had a way to cool down a bit. Between all the headbanging and jumping Anzi and Masashi were chilling near the fan with big smiles on their faces while Kamijo tried to get all the attention from the screaming crowd. Although Meku, Anzi, Masashi and Yuki are only support members everyone seemed like a whole band and got along very well. They played in harmony and teased eachother to entertain the audience even more.

Near the end Kamijo mentioned the Versailles live in Amsterdam from 8 years ago, it made fans really happy that they didn’t forget about it. Also Kamijo, Masashi en Yuki looked so happy to be back and they hope to be back soon. After a playtime of about 1 hour and 40 minutes including an encore the live ended, surprisingly the band didn’t left right away. They gave the first rows high fives and waved goodbye to everyone in the venue.

This concert was one of the best lives of the recent years in the Netherlands, it showed what this genre is like. There was good music, Kamijo’s vocals are so good, really kind audience and everyone enjoyed it to their fullest. Honestly I needed a show like this, it was a reunion with some good old times but also new times!

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