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Interview: LOVEBITES

In September we introduced the amazing all-female band LOVEBITES who will have an European Tour this November. Before the start of the tour we got a special opportunity to have an interview with bandleader Miho. Let’s dive deeper into LOVEBITES!


Q1: Could you explain the origin of the band name LOVEBITES?
When the band was formed, doing a session with the band members we played Halestorm’s “Love Bites(So Do I)”. That song really matches our vocalist Asami’s voice, it left a strong impression on all the band members. That’s how we got this name, we really like it.

Q2: For how many years have you been active/making music?
The band formed in 2016, so it’s about 3 years. Each member has different musical activities, so individually the music experience is even longer.

Q3: Which song do you enjoy performing live in concert?
The slash metal tune called “The Hammer Of Wrath” has a sense of speed, and playing it is very refreshing. We often play it as the first song on the setlist, playing this song focuses our senses.

Q4: You have influences from western metal/rock bands, which bands do you like? If there’s a Japanese band you like, please tell us too.
We’ve been influenced by many bands, each member having her favourites, one band all of the members like is Helloween. Personally I like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manover and Anthrax. The songs as well as the playing of the instruments is a big influence for me. Also, I love the combination of a hard metal sound and beautiful female vocals, I have a deep feeling of wanting to make that kind of music, I like Within Temptation who make that exact type of music.
Of Japanese bands, I like SHOW-YA. It’s a hard rock band of only female members. Even after 30 years after the formation they are lively and active. They show the cool charm of mature women. We would also like to become like that someday.

Q5: Which musician would you like perform or collaborate with? And for what reason?
There are many, but we would like to perform with Halestorm one day. They were the inspiration for our band name, and the vocalist Lzzy Hale as a fellow woman is very cool. If there would be a possibility one day I would be very happy.

Q6: Are there any band members who have been to the Netherlands before? Or is it a first for everyone?
Coming to the Netherlands is a first for everyone. I’ve heard Amsterdam has very beautiful canals. If we have the time I would like to do a canal cruise. Also, I like beer, so I am interested in the Heineken museum. If the opportunity is there, I would like to visit it.

Q7: The concert at Patronaat will be the first live in the Europe tour so I expect you are nervous, how do you handle your nerves? What is the trick to stay calm before a live performance?
For us our overseas concerts, compared to concerts in Japan, we can enjoy our concerts more without being nervous. The best way to handle nerves is good preparation. So the daily practice and rehearsal and the maintenance of our instruments are the best countermeasure. Rather than calming our feelings before a concert, we like to pump up our excitement. Before each live all the members make a circle and we encourage eachother.

Q8: What was your strangest experience while performing?
When we appeared at the English metal festival ‘BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR’ this summer, the band that was to perform on the main stage has trouble at the airport so it was suddenly decided that we would perform on the main stage instead of the sub stage. We had little time to set up, and things were hectic, but it was a valuable and strange experience.

Q9: Could you tell us about the future plans for LOVEBITES?
This December our second album ‘CLOCKWORK IMMORTALITY‘ will be released. At the start of next year we have a Japan tour planned. After that, we would like to perform overseas again.

Q10: Please give a special message to our readers and tell them why they should go to the concert on November 13th in Haarlem.
We are still a new band not long since forming, performing in the Netherlands is a very precious experience, and we feel very honoured. This band, LOVEBITES, that was formed in the country Japan (which has a very different culture) makes music that is very much influenced by western heavy metal. We are very much looking forward to bringing that music to the Dutch people. We can only have our first ‘Netherlands concert’ once. Don’t miss our first concert in the Netherlands on November 13th.


Wanna see them live?
LOVEBITES will travel through Europe & the UK this November and there are only a few dates in very intimate venues. They will visit Germany, France, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. So be quick with deciding before those few shows sell out!

For our Dutch readers, the band will play at Patronaat in Haarlem on November 13th. This will be the one and only show in the Netherlands and tickets are only €14,70!
Buy your tickets here

Official Website LOVEBITES
Facebook page LOVEBITES

Special thanks to:
Daan Holthuis
Miriam Doorn

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