Concert Review: BTS at Amsterdam Ziggodome

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Last saturday, we had the unique chance to see BTS, one of the biggest Kpop acts in the world, live in Amsterdam. The show was completely sold out, bringing fans from all over the globe together at Ziggodome.

Even though the show was held on Saturday, many fans had gathered around the venue area as early as wednesday morning. Since there were different types of tickets (Seated, Standing and VIP) everyone wanted to make sure they’d have a great spot. There was a lot of commotion about this, however, since camping was not allowed. This made it confusing for many, yet on the day itself, everything seemed to be rather well organised. There were seperate lines for merchandise, the army bomb (BTS’ lightstick), standing and VIP places. The line for merch was as long as 4 hours, so they had to close it down around 1PM to make sure everyone in line would get their piece of merchandise. Sadly, many things sold out even before we managed to get inside, but we all got what we wanted.


(photo by Korean Events Photography)


Fans also had the chance to get a (virtual) photo with BTS at the LG booth. You could sign up and win tickets, but even those who weren’t lucky enough to get a code, could join the line for this event. However, this line was so long we skipped this part and joined the queue. We had standing tickets for this event and the doors would open at 17:00. In line, we met amazing ARMY and luckily, this also made time go by a lot faster.
Once they started to let in people at 17:00, the line started to move and all went pretty smooth. We were allowed to enter the venue, 3 at a time. Inside we had a bag check and after that, we were free to go. Since we had all of our merchandise already, we headed straight to the hall, which was already packed with people. On the screens, they were showing MV’s and a short guide of how to sync the army bomb with bluetooth. Fans were already screaming their lungs out, along with the songs, or their favorite member. Slowly but sure, the venue started to fill up with people and a little after 20:00, the lights went out.


Seeing all the army bombs glow up was an amazing sight, along with every person out there cheering for the band. They started with an introduction on the huge screens, before the members appeared and kicked off with their latest single, ‘Idol‘. Jungkook (the youngest member) was still seated because of an injury, but despite that he still seemed to have a lot of fun on his chair.
The band has been switching between 3 different setlists and Amsterdam seemed to be lucky with this one.

Intro (VCR)
Save ME
I’m Fine
Magic Shop
Intermission (VCR J-Hope and Jungkook Focus)
Trivia: Just Dance (Jhope Solo)
Euphoria (Jungkook Solo)
I Need U
Intermission (VCR Jimin & RM focus)
Serendipity (Full Length Edition; Jimin solo)
Trivia: Love (RM Solo)
JIMIN’S BIRTHDAY EVENT: Happy Birthday to You (To Jimin)
Boyz With Fun / Attack on Bangtan / Fire / Silver Spoon / Dope
Airplane pt.2
Singularity (V Solo)
Intermission (VCR Suga &Jin focus)
Trivia: Seesaw (Suga Solo)
Epiphany (Jin Solo)
The Truth Untold
Outro: Tear
MIC Drop
Intermission (VCR)
So What
Play Video
Answer: Love Myself


(photo by Korean Events Photography)

During their intermission, RM was talking about how the Netherlands sounded much like Neverland and he was Peter Pan. Every member agreed that, one day was too short but they were happy to be here nonetheless. RM also explained that they had been here before, when they were travelling from Norway to film ‘Bon Voyage‘. They also made a promise to be back next year, so keep your fingers crossed!
This night was truly amazing, showing both vocal and dance talents while interacting with the fans whenever they could. It’s hard to pick a favorite song of the night, but as I’m weak for vocals, I was really amazed by Serendipity by Jimin and Epiphany by Jin. The stage was transformed into something new whenever a song ended, which fit the atmosphere of every individual stage and song perfectly. J-Hope even gave us a dance break in mid-air.

After more than 2,5 hours of singing and waving our army bombs, the show had come to an end. I was surprised by how good their dutch pronounciation was, as they threw out random ‘Dankjewel’s ‘Ik hou van jou”s and ‘Doei doei doei”s. (Thank you, I love you, Bye bye bye) They all walked back to the mainstage, where they were joined by their dance crew and did a bow, while people still clapped and cheered for them loudly.
Once they had all left the stage and the lights went on, I saw many people embracing each other, crying and hugging. This was such a great experience and it seems that ARMY are truly like a big family. I’d like to thank them and BTS for an unforgetable night.
Please check out the video below for a caption of the whole day and let us know in the comments how your experience was!


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