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Concert review: Crossfaith at Patronaat

Crossfaith really does love the world, after a long summer of being a supportact most of the time it was finally time for their headliner European tour this autumn. Saetori attended their show at Patronaat Haarlem on October 11th and it was one hell of a night!

This awesome night started with two amazing and well fitting bands: Normandie from Sweden and Blood Youth from the UK. Both bands had their unique sound and also their own fans. Personally Normandie was more my cup of tea but I’m gonna keep and eye on both bands. If you’re open to discover new bands you should really check them out too. The venue wasn’t filled completely yet when those bands were playing but when the time was near for Crossfaith it got pretty crowded! The opening acts were a really good warming up and you could feel that the crowd was ready for a big party.

A little bit later than planned we were welcomed by the intro DEUSE from their newest album. Each member entered the stage and got a big applause from the fans. Vocalist Kenta entered the stage with a flag and it was time to play the first song: CATASTROPHE. The crowd perfectly adjusted to the boys’ energy, and in the next song DESTROY the first circlepit and crowdsurfing formed, and it was only the beginning of many.


Jägerbomb started and the crowd went crazy since this song is a favourite, bottles of Jägermeister appeared on the stage and shots were taken. While playing the song Crossfaith’s members shared some alcohol with the fans in the first row which breaks the barrier between the band and the fans as if it’s one big family. After the alcohol consuming it was time to go to hell with COUNTDOWN TO HELL, many middle fingers appeared in the air and a wall of death was created. After this they played a song from their new album: MAKE A MOVE which fans seemed to listened to. Lots of jumping, headbanging, it was all included!

Between the songs more alcohol was consumed, because that’s what Crossfaith likes to do, they drank lots of Heineken that night since it’s the most famous Dutch beer. There was also a moment when the crowd had to be quiet and close their eyes so everyone could hear it when a can was opened. The show continued with some older songs: XENO followed by PHOTOSPHERE. After that Kenta told the audience how grateful they are to be here and they still are amazed how many people overseas love their music. With this speeche he announced the last song: DAYBREAK and the band left the stage.

The audience didn’t agree with that being the last song and called for an encore, they wanted to party more! Crossfaith granted their wish and re-entered the stage. They played another song from their new album: DAYBREAK followed by the last song of the night MONOLITH in which the last pits were formed. Haarlem was the last stop on the European continent and it was one they won’t forget so easily. The band waved, thanked the audience and left the stage, the live was over.

After the show if you had time (because it was already 11PM and people had to travel home) there was a chance to speak with the members. Crossfaith really knows how to give an awesome performance and the audience reflected how they are which is a very good thing. A headliner show is so much better than when they are a supporting act and I hope to see them in the pit again!



Still didn’t have enough?

Arlequin Photography has more photos of this show here and they even had an interview with the guys, go check it out on their website!

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