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Concert review: GLAMS at Dolhuis Dordrecht

G.L.A.M.S. was first formed as a solo project by vocalist Mikaru when he started doing different arts, painting, jewelry and music, members of his older bands DIO – Distraught Overlord and BLACKLINE joined him and they formed a very cool band. They have been on and off touring Europe for a couple of years now but this time we got to join their show, before this show they played at two conventions;  Art to Play in Nantes, France and Japan Touch in Paris, France.

We got there a little earlier than expected since we we’re conducting an interview with the band, as there was a VIP (early entrance and meet & greet) we had to wait outside. However one of the bands playing as an opening act had gotten stuck in traffic and everything was held back about an hour or so. We were freezing but still we were all let in to warm up and hang out. The non-VIP (and us) were let in after G.L.A.M.S. had done their sound check and we met up for the interview.

The first band to play was The Empyrean, A band from Dordrecht/Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands. Classified as Hard rock they did not let us down. They were loud and people seemed to really enjoy watching them. Followed by the band that arrived later, Kinderfield, they play industrial metal. I only saw two songs of theirs because I was doing the interview while they were on stage but those two songs were really cool and the vocalist kept getting in between the audience to sing and rock with them.

The main act – G.L.A.M.S.

I was surprised at how little audience had showed up but it didn’t stop the men as they came down the spiral stair case wearing different colored suits and carrying their instruments (except the drum of course) and launched into their first song. The crowd obviously knew the songs and sang the lyrics. It was a great sight and I couldn’t stop myself from dancing around as well. They’re songs are catchy mixed with some harder riffs and grunting/loud singing. Mikaru (Vo) smiled from the moment he set foot on stage, Syu (dr) was impressive on the drums and Yudai (gt) and Tetsuto (Ba) were also showing off their abilities on their own instruments.

The band took their time to introduce themselves after a couple of songs and there wasn’t a member who was denied happy cheers, talking with the crowd and each other playfully, launching into song after song and having the crowd join in with dancing and singing along seemed to really be their specialty and you could really see that they enjoyed showing their music to people. They had everyone join in on Rosy Life‘s singing and the hopping left and right on Our Freak Show. For me this is not a one time thing, the very next time G.L.A.M.S. comes to the Netherlands, I’m getting myself a ticket to join.

Sailing Away
Forgive me
The Beginning Of The End
Call My Name
Our Sad Song
The Other Side Of The Moon
Our Freak Show
Rainy Highway
Rosy Life
Try to Live
Man in underworld
Be Alone
The Light of My Life

If you’d like to see more picture’s of the show please head over to my photography account by clicking here or go to for more of our friends photography and interview with G.L.A.M.S. but leep your eyes peeled for the interview we did with G.L.A.M.S. It will be up shortly.

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