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Social Media: TikTok

Having grown into an app much used like Instagram and Twitter TikTok originated in China in 2016 known (as Douyin) as a short video sharing platform for people to create musical, dance, comedy, acting, lip-sync and other types of short videos in 15 seconds. Within a year it Thailand picked it up and in 2018 it went fully global, now achieving more than 500 million global users across 150 countries. Growing so big even that they were able to lay down a whopping 1 billion dollar to buy and this all of the US teen market that was using this app.


Fame and Disfortune
TikTok easily rose to fame due to the many celebrities using it, it propelled songs to fame and set trends in style and fashions. Making the App even more interesting due to the social influence celebrities and internet celebrities had. Though WeChat (the chinese Whatsapp/Line) had blocked the video’s for a while since they were growing faster and becoming more popular than WeChat at that time. TikTok in it’s reply sued Wechat for blasphemy and spreading lies. In Indonesia TikTok had been banned due to nudity/pornographic material being uploaded. TikTok responded quickly by changing their rules and restrictions and deleting the negative content.

How to use
The TikTok mobile app allows users to watch and make musical clips, lip-sync to songs, shoot short videos and edit their content with special effects, filters and stickers. To create a music video with the app, users can choose background music from a wide variety of music genres, record a 15-second video before uploading it to share with others.

The app allows users to set their accounts as private, allowing only people they approve to view their content. Users can also allow either everyone or only their friends to send comments or messages to them, and “react” or “duet” with them. The “duet” feature allows you to film a video aside another video. The “react” feature allows you to film your reaction to a specific video, in which it is placed over the video in a small window that is movable around the screen.


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