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Interview: G.L.A.M.S

Right before the concert at Dolhuis, Dordrecht, we from Saetori had the chance to sit down with the guys of G.L.A.M.S. We had a couple of questions ready for them that we thought you might be curious about. We would like to encourage everyone to visit their shows next time they hit Europe.



Q1: For the people who don’t know G.L.A.M.S., Can you introduce yourself?
Mikaru: G.L.A.M.S is a Synthetic (?) art project, Music, Jewelry, Painting, Movies, Photo.. everything!

Q2: You all play rock music, How did you start?
Tetsuto: I listened to many kinds of music but what woke me up were The Beatles and I learned guitar, bass, piano and so on because of them. Mikaru also loved The Beatles and we got closer and played together.

Syu: When Yudai was elementary school student, he had no friends, only his guitar.
Yudai: wait wait wait wait!
Syu: And then he bought Pokemon Star soundtrack CD, after that he was interested in music.

Mikaru: For me, John Lennon died on December 8th 1980 and I was born on 8th of December (not the same year) and I was reading a book about December 8th. I thought: “Who is John Lennon?” So I checked and I listened to his music and thought “WOW this music is fantastic!” So I wanted to be a John Lennon, I bought a guitar and said to friends and my teacher “Please call me John”. So everyone called me John! So John Lennon was my beginning.

Syu: My mother was Music Teacher at school, I was three years when I started playing piano. That was my beginning.

Q3: How did you come up with the name G.L.A.M.S.?
Mikaru to the other members: so why?


Mikaru: Glams is nothing to me, but before I made glams, many years ago I thought, if I make my new band the name should be “GLAMS”

Syu: Ahhh.. Surprise (giggles happened)

Mikaru: I thought of many years ago, I don’t know why but G L A M S dot dot dot dot… Cool.

Syu:  Great Love And Music Sound…. (Everyone laughed)

Q4: This is specifically for Mikaru, Since you do a lot of different sorts of art. What inspires you?
Mikaru: Everything is different for me, but music. During the shower: I sing a melody and think “Oh this is a good melody!” Music is like that and with painting I just put the white canvas on the painting easel and just watch it for an hour or two hours and then I see the drawing or painting and I think “okay let’s start!” and I didn’t think about it, so it’s always a surprise.

Q5:  How did you start with painting?
Mikaru: As a child I loved painting but only as a hobby, my mother is an oil painter and as a child I hated the smell of oil paint. But now I bought a lot of oil paint, so my mother was super surprised.


Q6: What’s your favorite song of GLAMS to perform live?
Tetsuto: My favorite song is the one from when we just formed, The Other Side Of The Moon, When I play it the song has a lot of memories for me from when we started.

Yudai: Try to live, I made the song in 2014 or 2015, so it makes me happy because I composed it.

Syu: The only song to make me cry is The Light Of My Life, you can see it on Youtube. When I played it during the show and I was crying, everyone was looking at me really shocked like ‘WHAT?!”

Mikaru: for me now.. is Man In Underworld. this song is the new door for my music life and future.

Q7: So you all have been touring for quite some time, What do you feel like is your favorite country or city to play in?

All: Netherlands! Definitely Netherlands! We love it the most.

Q8: What’s the craziest memory you have from touring? Any tour.
Tetsuto: When Syu cried!

Mikaru: When I broke a rib/bone in my chest during the show and after the show I had to go to the hospital.
Syu: By ambulance.. from the venue!
Mikaru: This was when I was in Dio, so I had white lenses in, like a devil.
Syu: With wings in the hospital
Mikaru: (laughing) yeah with wings and the doctor was so suprised and the next day we went to Helsinki to play a show and I had so much pain. I had medicine, I didn’t know what it was and afterwards I heard it was morphine. But I still took morphine because it still hurt long so I drank a lot…. So during the show I was like flying and walking on clouds.

Syu: In the recent years every time, someone lost their luggage… this time Mikaru lost his bag.

Q9: Is it different from playing in Japan? How?
Yudai: All venues are a crazy situation for the show, the audience is more wild than in Japan.

Tetsuto: Yudai thinks that the audience is more wild than in Japan, he has a lot of fun and enjoys it a lot.
Mikaru: In Europe I said.. “Take of your clothes!!” and some girls threw their bra and underwear on stage! It’s impossible in Japan!
Syu: Usually they’re more shy (in Japan) I think.

Syu: Actually with each show we have many many accidents on stage but here we can enjoy every moment.

Q10: What are your future plans?
Mikaru: Every day, make music, recording, shooting, show, tour, go back to japan, make music, painting… this is the most happy life for me.. I don’t know for next year, Where we go, we go. Just continue.

Q11: What can we expect from G.L.A.M.S in the next year?
Mikaru: This is a secret…. but… I think.. I want to make a full album. 10 songs. and another type of music video… and come back to Europe and just enjoy together. Please wait!

Syu: As a band. just the same.

Q12: And this will be my last question. Is there anything you want to say to our readers?
Tetsuto: To the fans in The Netherlands; I’m so happy to come back each year, and I hope we can come back every year and share more exciting days.

Yudai: Please listen this new album a lot and please enjoy your life!

Syu: For me this is a decade, already ten years. Already coming to The Netherlands for many many years with DIO, BLACK LINE and I never expected this crazy life. But it’s still not enough, I need more crazy memories in The Netherlands. Thank you guys.

Mikaru: Thank you very much for reading this interview and I hope to come back soon! And please… wash your body… and especially neck… because I WILL BITE YOU! In the show. Thank you very much! SEE YOU AGAIN!


I would like to thank G.L.A.M.S. and their tour management UKnight for the opportunity to sit down and talk with them and the chance to take pictures during the show. I really enjoyed myself and hope we can work together again in the future.
Also thank you AGAIN to Miriam, for occasional translations and just for being an awesome friend.

I hope our readers enjoy these interviews and we hope we continue to provide you with these.


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