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Band: Madman’s Esprit

A week ago we announced on our Facebook that Korean Visual Kei inspired black metal band Madman’s Esprit is coming to Dordrecht, The Netherlands on April 21st 2019. They will play at Pop Centrale and the show will be absolutely free! All of us from Saetori have a music taste so extensive that we’re actually really excited to see what Kyuho and his band have in store for us.

Born in Seoul, Korea Kyuho started Madman’s Esprit back in 2010 and already had multiple great shows before they moved to Berlin, Germany and signed with the Europe based record label where some of Japan’s biggest Visual Kei artists are signed in October 2008. Being inspired by bands like Dir en Grey, Opeth and Radiohead, the band doesn’t specifically identify as anything genre but their own, their website states that their sound is “Depressive Suicidal blackened pop“. They have a black metal sound with clean vocals, of course we’ve covered groups from Korea before and Kyuho has told us being non-pop in Korea is extremely difficult along with how badly depression is treated. He has spoken up on social media many times against Korea’s laws and military service but still it seems like there’s enough need for something other than pop music as he has been playing multiple shows in Seoul.


Madman’s Esprit is Kyuho who manages and thinks of everything but during shows he is joined by 4 other members. Senyt and Juho on guitar, Eun Chae on bass and Confyverse on drums and it’s not only the Netherlands where they make their stop this year.
Starting in France on the 13th of April where they will release their third album Glorifying Suicide which is highly anticipated after 무의식의 의식화 (Conscientization of Unconsciousness) and Nacht. This new album will be live limited during this EU tour, so get it when you can! After France they will head out to Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Belgium.

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Head on over to their website or Facebook to learn more about them and get your tickets there or on


We will be joining the free concert in Dordrecht (and we will be taking all our friends to promote Madman’s Esprit) and we will sit down with Kyuho and his band for an interview, please keep your eye on us not long after the 21st and we will be giving away their new album.


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