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With EPIK HIGH’s European tour nearing, right now seems like the ideal time to write a piece introducing them. Debuting in 2003 the group has been receiving international acclaim over the years, and in 2019 will now finally visit Europe. Their European tour lasts from march 13th to March 20th.

The members

Who are the members of EPIK HIGH?

Stage Name: Tablo (타블로)
Full Name: Lee Seon Woong (이선웅) or Daniel Armand Lee
Position: Leader
Birthday: July 22, 1980

Stage Name: Mithra Jin (미쓰라 진)
Full Name: Choi Jin (최진)
Birthday: January 6, 1983

Stage Name: DJ Tukutz (DJ 투컷츠)
Full Name: Kim Jung Sik (김정식)
Birthday: November 19, 1981

Their Career

EPIK HIGH debuted in 2003, and has thus been active for almost 16 years. The group was first formed in 2001. They started out in the underground hip hop scene in Seoul, performing with other groups. The group was relatively unknown at the time, because the genre was not popular amongst mainstream audiences, and it did not fit the k-pop model of that time. In 2003 they released their debut album Map of the Human Soul, under Woollim Enterainment,  and really began to gain success by the release of their second album, High Society, in 2004.

Their 2005 album Swan Song was supposed to be their last release, after the two previous releases flopped, however, it became a mainstream hit, and helped to launch EPIK HIGH as one of the most popular hip hop groups in South Korea.

EPIK HIGH had set out to release their fourth album, Remapping the Human Soul, in 2006, however, this was delayed until 2007. The album featured two upbeat songs, but also included darker tracks dealing with various themes including sexual crime, war, religion, and education. The album was reportedly censored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a result of its lyrical and thematic content. Despite this, it was a commercial success in both Korea and Japan.

After parting ways with Woollim Enterainment in 2009, they founded an independent record label called Map The Soul. Shortly after DJ Tukutz enlisted into the army, followed in 2010 by Mithra Jin. During this time EPIK HIGH’s seventh album was released under Woollim Entertainment to chart success. Tablo was not required to carry out military service as he is a Canadian citizen. During the two year hiatus Tablo signed a four-year contract with YG Entertainment, and released a solo album.

In 2012 it was confirmed that that EPIK HIGH would make a comeback under YG Entertainment after a three-year hiatus.

In 2018 EPIK HIGH announced that they would leave YG Entertainment.

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Personal Opinion
I personally really like EPIK HIGH. I think their music is very varied, and they deal with many important topics in their songs. Normally I am not really into hip hop, but for EPIK HIGH I gladly make an exception. Needless to say I am looking forward to their concert on the 15th of March in Amsterdam!


Official Sites For EPIK HIGH

Instagram: @blobyblo @realmithrajin @realtukutz
Facebook: EPIKHIGH


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