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Concert review: Sokoninaru

We introduced Sokoninaru not too long ago and went to their show on the 10th of February in De Kroepoekfabriek in Vlaardingen. We arrived to the show early because we had the opportunity to have a very interesting interview with the band before the show and after that it was time for a night with a very skillful band.

It was Saetori’s first time visiting De Kroepoekfabriek and we weren’t disappointed. Our first thought when we came into the hall was amazement because it was packed, there were a lot of people coming for this spectaculare night! The venue is small but it has great staff, lighting and atmosphere. At the bar you could eat some “kroepoek” with your beer. The stage itself is a bit low but you’re still able to see the performers, even from the back. There is also a second floor with a bar, smokers lounge and also a great view of the stage.

A Million Strong
Sokoninaru had an opening act from Amsterdam, classifying themselves as a deadly trio playing a mixture of alternative, grunge and post rock. They started playing and they are indeed a deadly trio. I enjoyed their music but something still seemed a little bit off. It wasn’t bad music but it wasn’t the greatest either which made me not enjoy it as much as I normally do. The crowd seemed to enjoy them however and I would go see them again in another setting some time. They were a good openingsact and introduction for what still has to come after their live. They got to play for about an hour before they had to give up the stage to Sokoninaru.


The live started with a weird, somewhat scary SE which got everyone’s attention because everyone turned quiet. Once each bandmember entered the stage loud sceams from the audience could be heard and the concert had officialy started and they opened with their song Pirorhythm Stabilizer.

Not much later they played their newest MV song Re:Program which a lot of fans seemed to know. Misaki took her time to thank everyone and talked about how happy they are to be in Europe. They also talked a little bit about Vlaardingen’s beautiful harbor before they slammed back into the next few songs. 6月の戦争 (rokugatsu no sensou) was one of the few songs that started with an amazing bass solo. Misaki took the front of the stage and got a loud applause for the treat the crowd got. Sometimes Juko was a bit jealous but luckily there were also enough chances for him to shine. 



Misaki took her time to thank everyone and talked about how happy they are to be in Europe. They also talked a little bit about Vlaardingen’s beautiful harbor before they slammed back into the next few songs. Lots of bass slapping and guitar picking is really their specialty and they do it a lot. Near the end of the show they played their most well known song 掌で踊る (Tenohira de odoru) and the crowd answered with lots of happy screams.

1. Pirorhythem Stabilizer
2. Self Connection
3. Re:Program
4. さらば浮世写し絵の如く(do-do gigantic evolution ver)
6. 6月の戦争 -extreme explosion ver.-
7. 夏の落とし物
8. 少女の音色に導かれ
9. 新世界より
10. Break out!!!
11. 掌で踊る
12.  Less Than Zero
13. エメラルドグリーン

Although the support drummer looked exhausted they still came back for a short encore, they really gave off a happy vibe and didn’t want to stop playing. A last thanks to everyone was given before leaving the stage for real this time. Sometimes their music could be categorized as hardrock but other moments had a pop vibe. Sokoninaru‘s sound is really impressive, immense, experimental and it all really matches well together. Consisting of just a guitar, a bass, drums and female+male vocals, they made one hell of a show. Their songs were were a pleasure to listen to. The crowd really seemed to enjoy it as much as we did, bobbing to the music and even singing along some of the songs. 

We’re going to see this band again for sure when they come back because they were absolutely awesome. We hope more people can join their lives next time because you have to hear their skills at least once in your life!


Videography by Saetori-Léonie
Photography by Saetori-Mayo ( mspitsephotography) – however the pictures broke and new/correct ones will be reuploaded soon.

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