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Interview: Sokoninaru

Mentioned in our concert review we had an interview with Juko Suzuki and Misaki Fujiwara from Sokoninaru before their awesome show in Vlaardingen. They were very open to share information and some interesting (unknown) facts about the band. During this interview we discovered how they changed into the interesting band they are now and we would like to share this knowledge with the fans!

Q: Please introduce yourself to our readers.
We are a band that was formed in Osaka in 2011 with a male/female twin-vocal and we play alternative rock.
Juko: We are a 3-piece band, but there is no official drummer as a member.
Misaki: Our music is very interesting music!
Juko: *in English* Funny music!

Q: When and how did you start making music?
Juko: Sokoninaru started out as a copy-band of the Japanese band ‘Ling tosite Sigure‘ (Japanese: 凛として時雨). We were copying their music for a while and along the way the feeling of wanting to create our own music appeared. From there we started creating our own music.

Q: How did you come up with the name ‘Soko ni naru’?
Misaki: In the beginning when we had an official drummer, the three of us each entered the syllables/words we wanted to have in the band name into our phones, which we then showed eachother simultaneously. The name ‘Soko ni naru’ was then made by combining the syllables/words. The name ‘Soko ni naru’ doesn’t have a particular meaning but it contains the word ‘naru’ (Japanese: 鳴る, meaning: to sound). As we consider our sound to be our strong point, we believe it fits the band!

Q: Where does Sokoninaru gets its inspiration from?
I am the one that creates the sound. A big inspiration is the band I just mentioned, ‘Ling tosite Sigure’. Even more than that, in the past I wasn’t particularly fond of music. Using the mindset I had at that time I tried to think up something that’s more cool to make. That’s an important point. *laughs*

Q: How long have you known each other and how did you meet?
When we were 16/17 years old we started a copy-band of ‘Ling tosite Sigure‘. We used the then popular Japanese social networking site ‘mixi‘ to gather members interested in joining.

Q: Your European tour just started. What are your experiences so far since you only had 2 shows?
I like it!
Saetori: What is the difference in audience?
Misaki: The European audiences are very much in their element when they are watching the show, so as performers we are also very natural in our element.
Juko: *in English* I think so too
Misaki: It is very fun to experience!

Q: Do you get nervous before a show? How do you relax/pump yourself up/prepare yourself for the show?
I have a routine before a show. I always change my clothes, do my hair, eat sweets, sit down and relax. By doing this predetermined routine I can start the show with a calm mind and I can concentrate on the show.

Q: Which song is your favourite song to play?
Juko: ‘Break Out’.
Saetori: Why is that?
Juko: It’s easy to play! *everyone laughs*

Q: What was your strangest experience while playing?
Misaki: On the day of our concert our drummer at the time, our official drummer, disappeared. On that day we quickly switched to an acoustic live with only a guitar, vocals  and a tambourine.
Saetori: What happened?
On the morning of the live the drummer sent a message that he wouldn’t perform anymore. After that we couldn’t get in touch with him anymore. Later when we asked his dad, he said that the drummer had found a job, and had become a company employee.
Saetori: Wow, that’s a turn!

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
Juko: In Europe? Or all time?
Saetori: All time!
Juko: Watching movies on Amazon Prime.
Saetori: What’s your favourite movie?
Juko: I recently saw a Philip K. Dick-style western Science Fiction story. I enjoy Science Fiction movies a lot.

Q: Did you do any sightseeing while on tour?
Misaki: We haven’t had much time for sightseeing yet, but on the first day of being in the Netherlands we were in Goes. We went for a stroll along the beach near the hotel.

Q: What advice do you have for people that want to start their own band?
Juko: If you think about practicing it might be hard but it is important to enjoy playing your instruments.

Q: What is your favourite food?
Misaki: I like omurice.
Juko: And I like Ramen.
Saetori: Oh! Ramen!
Juko: Ah, you know it. Yes, ramen!

Saetori: Did you already taste food here in Europe?
Misaki: *In English* Ah, yes!!!
Saetori: Did you like western food you have tasted?
Misaki: *In English* Sometimes it’s too salty, but I like it!

Misaki: What Dutch food do you recommend? What’s your favourite?
Saetori: Dutch food is not that interesting… hmm… but Stroopwafels are! It’s a Dutch waffle cookie.
Misaki: Ah, I ate one in the plane. The flat waffle.
Saetori: Yes!

Saetori: Do you have any food recommendations for people visiting Japan?
Juko: You have to taste ramen. The ramen at Zundouya (chain restaurant) is great. My favourite ramen! It even has a restaurant in New York. Maybe it’ll come to Europe one day!

Q: What are Soki ni Naru’s future plans?
Juko: We want to continue producing universal music. Searching for cool sounds and chasing those sounds after that, that is our main goal. As for what I would like to do in the near future is to do a two-man live with ‘Ling tosite Sigure‘. They were the trigger for us to start making music, doing a two-man live with that band would be big step.

Q: Anything you have left to say to our readers.
Juko: Japanese music is very interesting so please listen!

Saetori: Thank you so much for the interview!
Sokoninaru: Thank you!!

Special thanks to:
Miriam Doorn
Marc from Riot Rock Booking

Photography by MSpitsePhotography


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