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Concert review: GOOD THRU DATE at Special Edition, Dordrecht

GOOD THRU DATE is a group made up of three artists who have been in the JPOP/JROCK scene for a while. Vocalist Haru is known for one of the theme songs for BLEACH and is in the band UNIVERSE, guitarist Tetsuri was in the band DR. Undy and their DJ and second vocalist Ren was in the band Megimimi Sleep Tight. A couple of months ago they decided to work together and start a band and they recorded a couple of songs. The reason behind their bandname is very simple, THR stands for the members’ names and the U in THRU stands for YOU, the fans. Their EP released in November and they had a tour in Europe in February and March to promote their new EP “I’ll be there”. Hitting their tour off in France, followed by the Netherlands and Belgium. They even got the chance to play at the famous convention Made in Asia in Belgium.


  • 23.02: Japan Tours, Tours, FR
  • 24.02: Bobble Café, Lomme, FR
  • 01.03: Special Edition – Dordrecht, NL
  • 02.03: Le Garage, Liège, BE
  • 04.03: L’International, Paris, FR
  • 08-09-10.03: Made in Asia, Bruxelles, BE

GOOD THRU DATE performed in (selfproclaimed) ‘Otaku’ shop Special Edition in Dordrecht on March 1st. Special Edition is a shop which specializes in selling almost anything Japanese. Think of Manga, Anime, Magazines, CDs, Figurines, Clothes, Snacks and drinks. They also have an online shop where you can buy various items. For the occasion they opened up the space in the back of the shop and built a really nice podium for GTD to perform on. This space filled up with a lot people for the show, even more than the organisation had expected but where I was standing to watch the show there was a constant stream of people passing through the crowd. It was really annoying and I wasn’t the only one with those thoughts. It was the first show ever in this shop so let’s hope they learned from it. The accoustics were nice and the lighting wasn’t all that bad either for this kind of space. They also had a bar where you could buy drinks!

The show
The show started around 8 o’clock, introduced by Kimberly from UKnight first before they rushed onto the stage with loud cheers from the crowd, launching immediatly into their first song that had many dancing and bouncing around. The crowd reacted in a very positive way, there was a lot of jumping and dancing. Though the drums and bass were played from a laptop it didn’t annoy me at all. The instrument they brought with them was a guitar which was played by Tetsuri with a lot of passion. Haru announced Echoes with a lot of pride and expected from the crowd to know it, unfortunately not many people seemed to have watched Bleach in the crowd because the cheering was a bit more quiet. But that wasn’t a reason to stop this party, both the band and crowd kept releasing so much energy and happy vibes. This resulted in 2 encores where GTD kept replaying the same songs since they don’t have a lot of songs yet. In those encores the boys seemed to be more at home and the interaction between the members was more intimate.


  1. Uroboros
  2. Get your feel
  3. Step up
  4. Mr. Selfish
  5. Echoes
  6. Starry Rift (?)
  7. I’ll Be There
  8. Mad Stranger
  9. Magic
  10. Ms (?)
  11. Clock

Our partner Arlequin Photography had time before the show to talk with Haru, Tetsuri and Ren. Did you know they want to play in the biggest venue in the country one day? The guys are funny and interesting, you can read the interview here and if you like to see more photos you can click here!

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