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Concert review + Interview: Mikaru at Special Edition, Dordrecht

Mikaru visits Europe regularly with his bands and projects, this time the charming artist did a solo run with his project G.L.A.M.S. Before the show we had a bit of time to ask Mikaru some difficult yet interesting questions about his work. When our time was up he went backstage to prepare for a very special show which we also want to share!

Night full of variety
G.L.A.M.S. music doesn’t have just 1 genre and that is what Mikaru wanted to share with us: experimenting with everything you’re passionate about. The night was filled with a mix of (heavy) rock, pop, electronical, ballads and even jazz music. There was something for every music lover! At the start of the show the 25-30 people attending were a bit shy and didn’t move a lot luckily Mikaru is very experienced and knows how to get a crowd moving. After a few songs people were moving, most of them in their own way which was a good sign. Mikaru gave various winks and kisses to the crowd as a thanks. He looked very comfortable the whole show and he told many times how happy he was to be back again, but that wasn’t the only thing he said…

The Evil plan
Mikaru really likes to talk and the first thing was about what he experienced the first moments he entered Europe’s territory. The first thing he ate and drank when he arrived in Brussels was a donut with coffee. “Mmmhh… yes, this is Europe”, he said with a big smile on his face. He travelled further to the Netherlands where he slept a lot and woke up when it was dinner time, he ate a whole chicken and was 100% charged to give the best performance. He also told that the jewelry line barely made it, he finished the line a little before he had to go to the airport. The past 2-3 months he worked really hard on the jewelry and hopes people will buy it. Mikaru also shared his evil plan for Mang’ Azur. He’s trying to convince Syu to come & meet but Syu doesn’t know that Mikaru wants to take Syu with him on stage. Mikaru wants Syu to sing along but Syu isn’t good in remembering lyrics so it’s also okay if he just does the “la la la” parts. Everyone in the room almost cried of laughter, this guy really knows how to put a smile on people’s faces. I wonder what kind of thoughts he will share next time!

1. Rainy Highway
2. Dragonfly ?
3. The beginning of the End
4. The other side of the Moon
5. Call my name
6. Be alone
7. Man in the Underworld ?
8. Our Freak Show
9. Rosy Life
10. Forgive me ?
11. Try to Live
12. Light of my Life
13. Let’s Fly away to the Stars

Our experience
Rate: 10/10
As it isn’t our first time being to any of Mikaru’s projects, we knew what to expect, yet every single time we attend any of his shows or speak to him afterwards. We fom Saetori are always taken aback by how nice Mikaru is. He radiates happiness on and off stage and his vibe really gives off how much he enjoys performing and talking to fans. As said before he really flirts a lot while he’s on stage, off stage he seems a little bit more shy. You could buy cheki and take it together with him, a lot of fans did it and he was very happy to do all types of funny poses with them following up giving fans the biggest hugs he could give. Mikaru is a performing from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.

We really enjoyed seeing his painting and his jewelry project, he had five pieces of his paintings with him called “WHITE MOTH”, “REAL”, “OIRAN”, “BRAIN” and “MY FACE”. There were also rings in different sizes and a hand full of beautiful necklaces. Before the show we could see and possibly buy them. I (Mayo) personally really liked Oiran and My Face. Oiran has a lot of colors and I really like how he drew/painted it. My face was rather unique since I thought it looked a lot like a face and if you read Arlequins interview, Mikaru told them how he made this piece. I would love to get another chance to see more of his art in person. His jewelry sold quite well too and everyone, including us, were very happy to see him play! If you’re curious about his art, our friends at had an awesome in dept interview about the five pieces and jewelry he was exhibiting at Special Edition. But don’t forget to read our interview as well below!


Q1: As we have sat down with you before, we focussed mainly on your musical side with G.L.A.M.S. but today we are seeing your solo/art work. For those unfamiliar with your work, could you introduce yourself to our readers as Mikaru?
M: Music has color but painting, you can feel it, visually. Today I noticed that again, painting has great power and I want people to feel my words. “Welcome to my world!”

Q2: What work (art) do you most enjoy doing and why?
M: It depends all the time, when I make jewelry I don’t think about anything else and that’s the best time. When I make music… that is the best time too. When I’m painting or making jewelry I think: “Oh that’s beautiful!” and that’s what I enjoy most.

Q3: What or who inspires you?
M: Many people ask me that and I want to know, I think about it but I don’t know the answer. When I’m thinking of a design I just draw in my notebook. It comes from nowhere.
Staff: It’s like when you try and think of what you want to draw on a piece of paper nothing comes, but then suddenly you’re like “wow!” It’s exactly this feeling!
M: *nods*

Q4: What is the process you go through when creating a piece?
M: I prepare coffee and put on some jazz music when drawing jewelry, my notebook has thousands of designs already, and when I choose a design, everything is beautiful or not beautiful. That is the most important point.

Q5: If the art could talk, what would it say?
M: *with a deep voice* HI, I am son of Mikaru! Love me? And lets live together!

Q6: You use a lot of color in your paintings, what would you say is your favorite color?
M: I love black and gold, I already liked it twenty years ago. I feel like it represents power, empire and it’s gorgeous.

Q7: What memorable responses have you had to your art/jewelry?
M: When I see people who wear my jewelry during the shows, I see it and I think “oh my jewelry! My son is there.. Mmm my jewelry…cute!” it makes me really happy.

Q8: Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.
M: Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise

Q9: Which artist would you like to collaborate with? musically but also art.
M: Marilyn Manson, I saw his concert in a video and I was shocked. WHAT COOL! And I started make up and I became interested in hard rock and screaming so he’s the start for my visual kei life. Next person, Mika Nakashima! I love her voice and style, even now! Ten years ago.. I wanted to marry her… seriously. Maybe nobody knows but the third person is Keisuke Kuwata. He is very famous in Japan. His age is around 60… or over… like our parents but he is my most favorite singer. I listen his music every day! Please check!

Q10: What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
M: When I was in Dio, the producer we had then was a big visual kei singer and everybody was scared of him because he was always fighting. But at that time he was like my older brother, we drank a lot every day, all night and one day we were in Shinjuku drinking and watching people go to work really early and he told me “Mikaru, you can not work every day like normal, starting in the morning. Not like them, wake up and go to work every day. We can not, we are in clubs.. do you understand? We make great music, nobody can make music like us! Don’t forget!

Q11: Besides painting, music and jewelry. Is there any form of art you would like to explore but haven’t yet?
M: Clothes! Every time when we take a new picture, I think what should I wear? I think about my image and I start searching online for clothes but it’s hard to find. So maybe it’s easier to make the design myself. I really want to make a design for clothes one day.

Q12: Lastly, is your art for sale? Where can people buy it if they are interested in buying it?
M: GLAMS website! The address is , PLEASE BUY IT!

Thank you for the interview!

Special thanks to:
Kimberly from Uknight

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