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Interview: Hizaki of Jupiter

We were teasing a bit about an interview in our previous Jupiter post and here it is! Guitarist Hizaki from Jupiter, who is recognisable by his onnagata style (originated in kabuki shows) took the time to answer a few questions before traveling to Europe to share Jupiter’s new diverse sound.

Q1: Can you introduce yourself in your words as to what/who Jupiter is?
Jupiter is beautiful, heavy sound and grand visuals.

Q2: How did you come up with the name Jupiter and what does it mean?
It’s from my interest in space and Greek mythology.

Q3: You recently had a lot of shifts in vocalists, bassists and drummers, do you feel like this impacts the sound of Jupiter? If so how has it changed?
Our performances have greatly leveled up, and we’ve expanded our ability for expression.

Q4: In your words about the new members; What do the fans REALLY need to know about them?
I’m glad when the cheering is loud.

Q5: What give you inspiration for Jupiter when writing new songs?
I constantly listen to new music for inspiration. I also go see as many concerts and other performances as I can.

Q6: Do you hope to collaborate with different visual kei artists? If so who?
If I had to pick, I’d want to collaborate with a lot of different metal bands.

Q7: What can we expect from the new album? Can you tell us something about it?
A high level of performance, and worldly melodies.

Q8: As a group you have travelled Europe before, but not with the new members, what can your fans expect?
Our music is getting heavier than it was before, so I think they’ll really be able to enjoy the show.

Q9: Can you tell us any crazy tour stories both from Japan and Europe?
I was happy to hear the European fans’ loud cheering even during our performances.

Q10: What are your favourite songs to perform live?
I think Europeans are probably interested in songs like “SHOW MUST GO ON” and “No cry no more.”

Q11: Even though many of you have been performing for a long time, I’m sure you still get nervous with every show, how do you deal with the nervosity? And what’s your secret of calming down before a live?
I don’t get nervous. I always practice and rehearse so that I don’t feel a bit of anxiety.

Q12: Can you tell us what personal items you HAVE to bring on tour with you?
Books to read while on the road.

Q13: Besides the new album what are Jupiter’s plans for the future?
We’ve started work on the new album. I’d like to appear at a European metal festival, too.

Q14: Please give us a special message for our readers and a reason why they should come to your show on May 10th.
I’m looking forward to your interest in the new album and to seeing you at the show. I’ve been to the Netherlands before, and it’s a wonderful place with wonderful people.

Thank you for the interview!


Jupiter – Zeus Tour -EUROPE- 2019
Interested in more? Want to see Jupiter live? Jupiter is coming to ten cities in six different countries with their upcoming Jupiter Zeus Tour -EUROPE- in May 2019! For this European Tour Jupiter will be supported by five fabulous support acts: fesFE[M] from Japan, AETERNITAS and VII ARC from Germany, Season of Ghosts from UK, and Lightning from France. Jupiter is looking forward to see you all!


Tour Dates
05/09 (Thu) Cafe Central, Weinheim (Germany) Jupiter + Season of Ghosts + AETERNITAS + Lightning // Tickets
05/10 (Fri) Baroeg, Rotterdam (Netherlands) Jupiter + Season of Ghosts + AETERNITAS + Lightning // Tickets
05/11 (Sat) Turock, Essen (Germany) Jupiter + Season of Ghosts + AETERNITAS + Lightning // Tickets
05/12 (Sun) Underworld, London (UK) Jupiter + Season of Ghosts + AETERNITAS + Lightning // Tickets
05/13 (Mon) petit Bain, Paris (France) Jupiter + Season of Ghosts + AETERNITAS + Lightning // Tickets
05/15 (Wed) Backstage, Munich (Germany) Jupiter + AETERNITAS + VII ARC // Tickets
05/16 (Thu) Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) Jupiter + fesFE[M] + VII ARC // Tickets
05/17 (Fri) Secret Place, Montpellier (France) Jupiter + fesFE[M] + VII ARC // Tickets
05/18 (Sat) Bóveda, Barcelona (Spain) Jupiter + fesFE[M] + VII ARC // Tickets
05/19 (Sun) Copernico, Madrid (Spain) Jupiter + fesFE[M] + VII ARC // Tickets

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