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Food: Easybab Woori Bibimbap

The only thing I miss more than anything since I stopped living in Asia are Bibimbap dishes. Of course nothing matches the original hot bowl ones where the rice gets all crispy but I did find something else that’s supposed  be a bibimbap. Easybab Woori bibimbap. Which is an instant mixed rice dish. All you have to do is add water. I buy them from Amazing Oriental whenever I’m there.

There are two versions that I’ve tried so far, Kimchi flavour and mushroom flavour. I’ll be reviewing the kimchi flavour one for now.

The ingredients
Rice, dried vegetables (kimchi, pak choi, carrot, cabbage and seaweed), red peper paste and sesame oil.

The instructions are simple

1. Open the package and take out the sauce bag and oil bag.
2. Add boiled or cold water to the indication line and stir it through well
3. Close the package and leave it for 10 minutes or 40 minutes if you add cold water
4. Open it up, add the sesame oil and sauce before stirring it up more before eating it.

You could put it in a boil or plate or eat straight from the package. The kimchi one is rather spicy but I enjoy it, though it’s a little salty it’s still really a good taste, It’s easy to make and to bring along to places, I think it would also be really nice when you’re traveling because all you need is hot water and a spoon. I like taking them to work and eating them at my desk, they fill up well though sometimes I add a boiled egg for some extra flavour.  You can also use it to spice up any of your dishes, grill some meat or fish or anything like that if you’re unsure how to make mixed rice. Of course it doesn’t replace the original thing but it’s a good second run! They’re about €2,- a package which is a little expensive but for me it’s fine to be honest. Tell me if you’ve tried it or tell me to try something to review it.


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