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Concert review: ONEOKROCK at 013 Poppodium, Tilburg

With last years show selling out we weren’t able to get tickets then but this time we were able to attend as press and let me tell you, we were absolutely stoked. Running a little late we missed the opening acts but that didn’t stop us from enjoying ONEOKROCK any less. Not having been too impressed by the last album we’d like to come back on that and say that we love it now. The way these four men played and the way the crowd interacted it wasn’t a big surprise that the show was a total party.

The first thing I noticed that the hall was completely packed, though not yet sold out, there were a lot of Japanese fans (of all ages) and a lot of new young fans I hadn’t seen at these shows before. That’s really no surprise though with how much ONEOKROCK has blown up since touring America and Europe so much. The mood was really good and the stage set up was


  1. Push Back
  2. We Are
  3. Taking Off
  4. Unforgettable
  5. Clock Strikes
  6. Head High
  7. Take What You Want
  8. Stand Out Fit In
  9. [Instrumental]
  10. Giants
  11. I Was King
  12. Change
  13. The Beginning
  14. Jaded
  15. Mighty Long Fall
  16. Wasted Nights

My personal opinion about ONE OK ROCK is that you don’t need to specifically love Japanese music to enjoy theirs. Especially with their latest albums, as they’re recorded by American producers OOR fits in well with any type of music lover. This was obvious with the crowd at 013, everyone no matter what age was dancing and singing along to the lyrics. But absolutely losing it with some of the older songs like Clock Strikes and I Was King. Going from song to song it was a pity when it ended, even if they did so with a bang of confetti, well in tune with each other after so many years and so warm towards their fans. ONE OK ROCK set down an amazing show and I hope that following this one there will be many more, and I’ll try to attend every single one of them and even with how I thought I disliked the new album I ended up buying it after the concert…

Eye of the Storm
The new album Eye Of The Storm was released in Japan on the 13th of Februari and on the 15th in Europe/America. Followed by the three singles “Stand out Fit in”, “Change” and “Wasted Nights”. The sound is said to be more pop and electronic than their earlier more rock-y albums. The vocalist of the band Taka stated this was because he felt inspired to write songs different from what they had made before because he just wanted to write music, not specifically rock music, but still maintaining what the band stood for. They were influenced by the iconic rockband Queen but also musicals and Disney.


  1. Eye of the Storm
  2. Stand Out Fit In
  3. Head High
  4. Grow Old Die Young
  5. Push Back
  6. Wasted Nights
  7. Change
  8. Letting Go
  9. Worst in Me
  10. In the Stars (featuring Kiiara)
  11. Giants
  12. Can’t Wait
  13. The Last Time

My favourite songs of this album are the songs Change and their single Stand out Fit in but I also really love Push Back, Head High and Wasted nights. Let’s just say that I think this album is great, I love listening to it while I’m driving anywhere.  The video for Stand out Fit in is also really nice, depicting how one should resist peer pressure.
All in all, check out this album, maybe even buy it to add to your collection.


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For more pictures that Mayo took go to her FLICKR account and her Facebook account
Many thanks for 013 for inviting us and thank you for reading this.


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