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Idol Unit: Necronomidol (+ EU TOUR!)

Remember last year when we wrote a double concertreview about NECRONOMIDOL? Guess what, these girls are coming back to the European continent. Time to introduce these ultradark idol unit a bit more than we did last time.

NECRONOMIDOL isn’t your typical idol unit, their music isn’t happy and poppy, it’s the opposite! Their music consists of black metal, darkwave, NWOBHM and other electric genres. Their clothing is black most of the time so it’s the total opposite from the happy colourful idol groups you know! NECRONOMIDOL’s ultradimensional choreography and performance have blackened stages all across Japan and are planning to do the same worldwide. At some shows a band supports the girls which make their shows even more amazing!

NECRONOMIDOL were formed in 2014 and their have been some changes in the line-up but that hasn’t influenced their music and ambition at all. Current members are:
Risaki Kakizaki
Rei imaizumi
Himari Tsukishiro
Kunogi Kenbishi

Skillful group
They can sing, they can dance, they are so kind to their fans and there is a lot more NECRONOMIDOL does. They have released multiple albums and singles which are really interesting to listen and can be found on Apple music and Spotify. They and the band mix rock music so well with so many genres and most of the girls have a few years of experience already so there is no doubt they will blast you away. A few girls do model work beside the idol unit and they recently released a short horror movie on their YouTube channel titled “Beyond the Red.” So now they even made a start of acting careers, make sure you watch it! One more surprising thing is this unit’s merch is really diverse. They sell their music on CD but also on LP! If you already have their music you can buy t-shirts, buttons, keychains, pins, photobooks, cheki and so much more. Good luck with saving up and choosing the merch you want, it’s worth it!

European Tour 2019
This July is shaping up to be a very dark month on the European continent! Ultradark Japanese idol unit NECRONOMIDOL will return to Europe to embark on their most ambitious tour yet. They are gonna have 9 dates across 8 countries, NECRONOMIDOL will take the stage at both HYPER JAPAN FESTIVAL in London and NärCon in Sweden before finishing off their tour with a very special visit to Čachtice Castle in Slovakia for a photo shoot to be used in a secret project to be revealed later on this year. Their concept is really unique and special, this is why you have to take a look at one of their shows. The tour dates and details can be found below.

07/11 La Douche Froide Metz, France// Tickets
Hyper Japan Festival, Olympia, London UK // Tickets
The Underworld Camden, London  UK // Tickets
The Hare and Hounds Birmingham, UK // Tickets
The Tooth & Claw Inverness, Scotland UK // Tickets
Vessel 11, Rotterdam, the Netherlands // Tickets
Blue Shell Köln, Germany // Tickets
45 Special Oulu, Finland // Tickets
NärCon, Linköping University, Linköping Sweden // Tickets
Full details also available on NECRONOMIDOL’s official site

NECRONOMIDOL are looking forward to see you all!
Saetori will attend the live in Rotterdam so expect awesome posts in the future, are you planning to go to one of there shows? Let us know!

Official website NECRONOMIDOL
Official Twitter NECRONOMIDOL
Official Instagram NECRONOMIDOL

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