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Artist: Satsuki

Satsuki went solo after the Visual Kei band RENTRER EN SOI disbanded in 2008 and released his first single in 2009 named AWAKE. It still had the feel of Visual kei but mixed with a clear rock sound. It wasn’t until 2016 that Satsuki released EPOCALYPSE, an agressive and energetic Alternative rock and Djent/Prog. Metal mash up followed by REBOOT in 2018 where he adapted rap into his music and now in May of 2019 he released another single, BE YOURSELF. For this single he is setting out on a tour and hits a couple really big cities and events.

With a unique and skillful voice and great musicians, RENTRER EN SOI wasn’t to be missed out of the Visual Kei scene, when they disbanded in 2008 after 7 years of success it was expected that Satsuki would continue in music, as he said himself; singing is his life.

Singing is my life. It is essential to me like breathing. I need to sing in order to express my deepest inner feelings.

His solo started with clear Rock (AWAKE, 2009), then escalated to more aggressive Metal sounds (EPOCALYPSE, 2016) before adopting Trap and Rap elements (REBOOT, 2018). This definitly showed that Satsuki isn’t limited to music, being active in different styles and art forms.

   »As a teenager, I listened to Linkin Park a lot. Their heavy sound and beautiful melodies and the conjunction of musical genres influenced me«, explains Satsuki when asked about why he included Trap and Rap into his music. »I have used Rap many times in my career, but only now is it as noticeable that people finally say: Oh, you did Rap!«

In 2015, he created his personal designer brand under the name Sacred Traditional Kingdom Melody or S.T.K.M for short, which primarily introduces jewelry.  Satsuki is also active as a painter and as a movie and theater actor. Always driven by curiosity to find new inspiration for art, he is also always curious to break the boundaries of music. With a positive vibe, Satsuki uses his voice and words to shine light on the souls that are filled with darkness and hesitation, guiding them to the future.

»I hope that my songs reach my audience and make them see and understand the core of my emotions. Moonlight is my inspiration.«

Besides his solo career Satsuki has involved himself in KISAKI PROJECT and MOONSTREAM and he joined the GOMI Fantasista Project who focus on environmental issues, mostly the world-wide waste problem, they received the ECO Japan Cup award in 2012. The singer-songwriter wrote the GOMI Fantasista Project’s theme song in 2013 as well as several further theme songs such as the opening and ending songs for the PSP game AMNESIA in 2011. With his paintings, he had two exhibitions in Paris and Brussels in 2016. Among his several acting engagements was the theater play SHOKUGEKI in 2017.

Touring Europe twice in 2018, his total of countries performed is up to 23! and now again for his 10th solo anniversary he is teaming up with REALive for a few intimate shows and convention appearances in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and Germany. You can look forward to enjoying Satsuki’s recent work as well as older pieces to commemorate his diverse solo career.


BE YOURSELF Tour 2019 flyer.jpg

European Tour June 2019
06/14 (FRI) Bobble Café, Lille, France
Regular tickets on site, VIP tickets:

06/15 (SAT) AnimeCon, Rotterdam, Netherlands

06/16 (SUN) Le Garage, Liège, Belgium (rescheduled!)

06/22 (SAT) Magnificon, Krakow, Poland

06/23 (SUN) Tsunami Club, Cologne, Germany (rescheduled!)

06/27 (THU) Marie-Antoinette, Berlin, Germany (new date!)

06/29 (SAT) Summer Geek Festival, Mons, Belgium
06/30 (SUN) Summer Geek Festival, Mons, Belgium


New Single – BE YOURSELF
Release: 2019.05.19 / Label: STKM co.,ltd
Track and Sound Mix: Masaki Fukai
Released world-wide here:



»After pondering and working on my art, I came to the conclusion that a natural way is the most powerful. We all are born to be ourselves. You can be yourself! It’s the best way to live in this world, stepping into the future.«Satsuki

I’ll be honest and tell you that listening to TRAP isn’t my favorite thing but I do see how he likes expanding his horizons. He does it well and I’m pretty sure if you’re at his concert that it’s a bop. He has the talent and the voice for this genre, but it’s not my thing, I’d have to hear it live first.

REBOOT album cover.jpg

Release: 2018.03.29 / Label: STKM co.,ltd


  1. ZERO
  2. SOCIAL NETWORK SERVICE (English Version)
  7. SOCIAL NETWORK SERVICE (Japanese Version)

»I needed a reboot to focus on what I can do as a musician. As a solo vocalist, the lyrics are most important. After getting revived by the energy of Djent, I adopted Trap to deliver my words with the clarity of Rap. This is my REBOOT.«Satsuki

I actually really love this album, it starts in a djenty metal sound with clean vocals with Zero and this would always get me in the mood for doing whatever, It’s metal but still holds a Visual Kei beat.Going to the english version of SOCIAL NETWORK SERVICE starts catchy, I love the beat, it’s trap however and for me the music saves it, I wouldn’t listen to it on CD but this would make me move a lot during concerts, Same for WITH THE BEAT I GO ON.  I am truly curious how the show will be, I think all these songs have great potential. REBOOT has a good feel too, it has a dark Visual Kei sound but compared with rap which is a really fresh sound. FREEDOM starts with a clap and it sends the beat of the music. Satsuki sings this song and it slowly builds up, It makes me dance while I listen to it. If you want a sexy beat with a visual kei sound, listen to VAMPIRE’S MOON. Satsuki combines deep sounding rap with beautiful soft singing, this might be my favorite song of the album. The last song on the album is again SOCIAL NETWORK SERVICE but then in Japanese which to be honest I prefer over the english version because it sounds more smooth and really connects to the music.



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