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Game: Be The King

Be the King is a click to the top roleplay game where you have to fight troops and upgrade your people, make decisions and punish or praise other characters. This game takes you back to when China was still emperor run, the game was published by CHUANG COOL ENTERTAINMENT. It’s free and available for both android and IOS.

This game has been constantly promoted to me and I decided to give it a try and get it over with,  I played it all together for about two days because I don’t have enough time in a day to sit down and actually play it. The goal of the game is becoming the emperor by treating your people right, fighting to get merit and making the right choices with affairs you have to deal with. With the points and merits you make there you can upgrade your avatar, which gives you more chance to meet new women, make more rules and gain more power.  You also get items and soldiers by logging in daily and completing quests. So far I got to find a wife and created some babies. The longer you play the easier it seems to get except for the fighting. You need more and more soldiers as time goes on and I haven’t had much luck, I like the graphics a lot as they’re drawn in a pretty way. however as I was playing there’s a lot of pay to play areas where you have to buy a way to win/play it. You don’t have to pay of course but it seems like it takes you longer to get anywhere.

If you check their facebook, the further you get there are also challenges and events you can join in, I’m kind of excited to see those too.

My honest opinion is that this game isn’t for anyone, it has to be your type for real as there isn’t much action. Just dialog and clicking but I will play it a while longer and see where I end up. If you enjoy games like this, definitely check it out. It’s fun and easy to play if you have some free time and don’t forget to collect your quest and log in bonus’.



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