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Concert review: The Hu conquering Melkweg, Amsterdam

Barely a year after releasing their famous music video Yuve Yuve Yu these Mongolian men became so popular that they started conquering the world just like the most famous Mongolian person did. Gala, Jaya, Enkush and Temka started their conquering with an European tour (followed by an USA one later in the year) It’s no surprise why they got popular, at their concert in Amsterdam people were blown away by the amazing combination of Mongolian throat signing, traditional Mongolian instruments and rock.

Around 6PM the first fans appeared and started forming a line which got bigger very quick. There was a huge diversity of people: metalheads, old people, children, fans from far away and many more. There was no support act and just before the starting time the venue was filled to the max. The concert didn’t even start and fans were already screaming for The Hu, after 15 minutes after the start time the screaming got rewarded by the Mongolian men entering the stage. They started the night with their newest release Shoog Shoog . The crowd started dancing and singing the words together with the band.

Before starting the tour the band announced that they will release their first album in September so this tour would be a great opportunity to promote this album and they did! The Gereg is a name of a song but also the name of their upcoming album. You could feel the power from the song and it’s understandable why they choose this song as album name. Most of the crowd had never heard this song yet they knew exactly when to clap their hands or put their fist in the air. The Hu’s English is not that great when they spoke but they know how to spread their message and I’m pretty sure it will get better in the future.

After some more traditional songs with less ”rock” the band asked everyone to dance. Uchirtai gurav and Bil Biyley were indeed amazing songs to dance to, if you were standing still at this moment there was certainly something wrong. After all the dancing it was time to show your fists again and headbang to two fan favourite songs. The crowd went crazy and The Hu noticed this, lots of smiles appeared on the faces of these intimidating Mongolian men. Three new songs were introduced after the fan favourites and the band left the stage with bowing and thanking everyone. But the crowd didn’t leave and kept screaming for The Hu and the manager took this opportunity to film this crazy crowd.

Fans didn’t have to wait long because after about 3 minutes the band returned already, it seemed they didn’t prepared the encore because they asked the crowd which song they want to hear one more time. People were screaming mostly for Shoog Shoog or Yuve Yuve Yu. Gala gave the members a sign to start and the song that was chosen in the end was Yuve Yuve Yue. The crowd moved even more crazier than before and the band was moving more loose too. When the song ended one of the staff members told that there would be a signing session, what a great way to end such an amazing concert. The Hu is a perfect example of how traditional music can be mixed with rock ánd how to give an amazing concert with a language barrier. After this concert I’m really looking forward to their album which can be pre-ordered (and pre-saved!) on their website.

1. Shoog Shoog
2. The Same
3. The Gereg
4. The Song of Women
5. The Legend of Mother Swan
6. Uchirtai gurav
7, Shireg Shireg
8. Bil Biyley
9. Yuve Yuve Yu
10. Wolf Totem
11. The Great Chinggis Khaan
12. Black Thunder
13. This is the Mongol
EN1. Yuve Yuve Yu

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