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Sightseeing South Korea

When travelling to South Korea, many people visit the big cities such as Seoul or Busan, and some even take the time to fly to Jeju Island. However, since it is so easy to make your way around the land, with several fast train connections, there really is no excuse to not discover other, less known, parts of South Korea. A city definitely worthy of a (day) trip, especially during summer, is Gangneung. It is most widely known for hosting all the ice events for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but it is also well known for its beaches.

2018 Winter Olympics
During the 2018 Winter Olympics all the indoor sport events were held in the city of Gangneung, such as ice hockey, speed skating, curling, short track, and figure skating. An Olympic village for the athletes and a media village were also built, however, these have been broken down. Across the city, you can still find many Olympic logos, and banners promoting the Winter Olympics.

As Gangneung is located on the East Coast of South Korea, it has a few very nice beaches, which are worth the trip. Though Gangneung experiences cold winters and hot, humid summers like the rest of South Korea, the summers tend to be cooler, and the winters milder, because of its coastal position. If you’re looking to cool down a bit, a weekend trip to Gangneung is a great idea.

There are about 20 beaches around Gangnueng, however, two are especially well known. One is Gyeongpodae and the other is Jeongdongjin. Gangneung is considered special because it has both a lake and a sea. This lake is called Gyeongpo. It is said that when you visit Gyeongpodae, you can see the moon five times. Once in the sky, once reflected in the lake, once reflected by the sea, once reflected in the drinking glass, and once more in the eyes of a lover. Jeongdongjin beach is well known as a place to watch the sunrise, and especially the first sunrise of the new year.

Korean Wave: BTS and Goblin
With Korean dramas, movies, and movies gaining ever more popularity abroad, it would be impossible to forget two spots in Gangneung. Two very popular places to visit are a filming location of the drama ‘Goblin’, and the location of an album jacket shoot of BTS. Though both locations are a bit harder to visit, they are both definitely worth the trip. You can reach both locations by using the same bus, so it is best if you plan to visit these locations right after each other. The location of the BTS album jacket shoot is at Jumunjin beach. After arriving at the beach, you need to walk around 200 meters along the beach to come across the bus stop from their ‘You Never Walk Alone’ album. It is a pretty photo location which cannot be missed by real fans, and the beach is also quite nice. The second location which is a must-visit is the shooting site of the drama ‘Goblin’. The location in question is the location at which the two main characters Eun-Tak and Kim Shin met for the first time in the drama.


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