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Concert review: Necronomidol at boat V11

Last year Necronomidol visited Europe (including the Netherlands) and in 2019 Necronomidol returned to Europe to answer the wishes from their fans. The schedule was a bit tight and sadly there were a few problems and accidents on the way to Rotterdam. But they miraculously made it and the girls gave a blast of a show at Vessel 11 despite of everything, let’s dig deeper into the details!

Vessel 11 is a red boat in the centre of Rotterdam which can be used for many occasions. It’s a floating restaurant with a bar and a small venue with a capacity of 70 people. Their food looked really good and they have special beers which we gave a taste. The staff was very kind and apparently not used to the nice queue of Necronomidol fans that appeared right before the door opened. “This has never happened before, I’m in shock! This is an unique experience!” one of the waitresses said. It was indeed an unique view.

Before the doors opened the organiser explained everything to the audience what has happened and what will happen this night. The VIP was in a different part of the boat before the live and the girls would play a shorter setlist but despite that we had to give the girls all our enthousiasm. After that everyone was allowed to go inside and around 10:00PM~10:15PM the girls kicked off with WITCHING HOUR. They didn’t even had to ask for cheers because the crowd already started doing that!

The second was was Phantasmagoria Cosmos from thei newest release which sounded like a more upbeat song than the dark vibe the girls give. The song was followed by the first MC, every girl introduced herself to the crowd. Halfway the introduction a drink fell on stage and it had to be cleaned, fans gathered napkins to solve the problem. After a bit of more talking until the floor was dry again the girls warned eachother to watch out and continued the show with Psychopomp in which the girl challenged themselves to hit very high notes while dancing.

The sound of a clock ticking appeared and a few screams could be heard in the crowd, this was the start of the popular song HEXENACHT. This song made the crowd go silent so everyone could her the voices of the girls clearly. In the back of the venue staff members from the restaurant (which closed) had joined the crowd, they got interested by what they were hearing and their thoughts weren’t wrong, it’s even more interesting to see what Necronomidol does on stage! The show continued with Puella Tenebrarum.

Another song from the newest release was the next one, Lament Confriguration is another more upbeat song which is a nice refreshment after the dark songs we just heard. Followed after this song was another MC. Each girl talked about what happened and how thankful they were to be here. Leader Risaki used the words “dankjewel” (Thank you) and “ik hou van jou” (I love you) a lot. The crowd responded with “ik hou ook van jou” which made a smile on everyone faces, it was a really cute moment.

R’lyey was next followed by the trippy song SARNATH which was welcomed by lots of cheers. Those cheers continued accompanied by fistbumping in STARRY WISDOM. The end of the show was coming closer but the good atmosphere looked like it wouldn’t stop at all. The girls had way too much fun with dancing, singing and giving the audience so much attention. They really know how to give a blast. After Nyx ended they announced the last song SKULLS IN THE STARS which everyone including the crowd gave it their all. I really loved the energy that came out of everyone and the girls were shining.

Necronomidol left the stage but were back in a blink, they announced that they would play one more song which everyone knew: ITHAQUA. The cheering, clapping, fistbumping and even the furi/dancing was at its maximum power. I was amazed, it was the perfect song to end a perfect night! But it wasn’t really ending yet, after the show there was an opportunity to get a cheki with the girls which a lot of fans did. It must have been an very tiring day for the group and the management/organisation but I bet it was so worth it!

So much enthousiam, so much energy, these ladies are really interesting (and so was their show!) and we have a surprise for our readers and fans. We had a chance for an exclusive interview with Risaki, Rei, Himari, Michelle and Kunogi. We’re currently busy with processing this so stay tuned to discover more about these idols!

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