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Born in Guangzhou, China Wu Yi Fan debuted with the South-Korean Boyband EXO back in 2012 under the label SM Entertainment under the aritst name Kris Wu. Releasing their first album XOXO and becoming the first korean based artist in twelve years to release and album that sold over one million copies. Releasing another album “Overdose” which became the best selling album of 2014. He was either forced to leave or left SM Entertainment after being mistreated and neglected. A lawsuit followed but that’s not what we will be discussing here. For that you can easily find some KPOP gossip websites and read them there.

Kris Wu was born on November 6th 1990 as Li Jiaheng to Chinese-Canadian parents in Guangzhou, Guandong China, his legal name was later change to Wu Yi Fan. At age 10 Wu Yi Fan moved to Vancouver, Canada with his mother only to return in the next year, finishing middle school in China before going back to Canada where he finished secondary school (high school) before joining SM Entertainment auditions when he was 18 and after being accepted he moved to South Korea in 2008. Not debuting hoverver for four more years under EXO and subunit EXO M.

In the same year of his departure from SM Entertainment Kris released “Time Boils The Rain” for the chinese drama movie Tiny Times 3 and became the youngest celebrity to have his very own wax figure displayed in Madame Tussauds Shanghai. Not long after Kris made his step to movies and played in various chinese movie as a lead.

Somewhere Only We Know
Mr. Six
The Mermaid  – Cameo appearance
So Young 2: Never Gone
Sweet Sixteen
L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties

Kris Wu’s step to America

in 2017 Kris made his debut in the American Vin Diesel movie XXX: Return of Xander Cage and the space opera film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets .

He’s modeled for Burberry in London back in 2016, was a member of the NBA Allstar team Canada and released songs with famous american rappers On January 21, 2016, he launched his own charity project called Extraordinary Honorary Court (不凡荣誉球场), a collaboration project with Sina, Weibo Sports, and Weibo Charity. The goal is to spread basketball in middle schools in China to encourage all basketball-loving youth to continue their dreams of pursuing this sport.


Releasing his album Antares back in 2018, the immediatly famous star has gotten some mixed reviews about it. So we gave it a listen and we’re mixed about the album as well. It feels very generic in some songs with mumbling raps, weird lyrics and with a lots of autotune abuse and lazy mixing. It featured some known rappers like Rich The Kid and Travis Scott. We kept listening though and picked out a couple of songs we liked. All in all I feel like the album is extremely generic and it doesn’t stand out to me at all.

  1. Antares
  2. November Rain
  3. Coupe (Ft. Rich The Kid)
  4. Tough Pill (English Version)
  5. We Alive
  6. Selfish
  7. Tian Di (天地)
  8. Freedom (Ft. Jhené Aiko)
  9. Explore
  10. Like That
  11. Hold Me Down (English Version)
  12. Deserve (Ft. Travis Scott)
  13. Tough Pill (Chinese Version)
  14. Hold Me Down (Chinese Version)

November Rain – This song starts with a chill slow vibe and Kris’ vocals are a bit more clear. This is a drive and sing along song. However the lyrics are a little bit weird. The beat and flow makes up for it quite well.

Tough Pill – Just as slow as November rain, the rap parts feel lazy also but I like the chorus where Kris shows off his EXO skills. It’s a bit more pop-ish.

Tian Di – Is more my type of music, sung in Mandarin with actual rap. Still slow and lazy however.

Freedom – This song is a colab with Jhené Aiko and I feel like these two voices really match together well. Kris’ low voice and Jhené’s higher one, The lyrics are good too.

Explore – The start of this song feels very space-y, it’s nice and it continues throughout the song.

Listen to the album here:
Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music



Back in April Kris Wu released another single. 大碗宽面, It’s much better than his last album as it mixes Chinese traditional music with the rap. I like it a lot and I hope he continues on this road and stays away from the mainstream American rap. I watched the video below and couldn’t stop smiling.



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