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Concert Review: Jupiter at Baroeg, Rotterdam (2019)

The well known Japanese band Jupiter graced us with their presence on the tenth of May in well known alternative music stage and bar Baroeg, having interviewed their leader Hizaki before the tour started. It wasn’t odd that we were excited when the day finally came. Mayo was there and she had a blast! Along with Jupiter were two other bands and a soloist, Season Of Ghosts, Aeternitas, Lightning.

The show started with Lightening from France, who played guitar and there was a whole lot of filming going on around him. To be honest I’d never heard of him and he didn’t really leave a lasting impression except that he kept reminding me of Sugizo/Yoshiki in looks. With the camera man buzzing around him, the backing track and the microphone sound not being loud enough as a result I wasn’t paying much attention to it. It wasn’t really bad but it wasn’t good either.

A total of three opening acts

Followed by Aeternitas, A gothic metal band is from Germany. Aeternitas started in 1999 and to be honest, the stage was far too small for this awesome group. Their vocalist and guitarist are a great match and their outfits were incredibly beautiful even it just being a bit steampunk-ish. I really enjoyed watching them and their energy on stage. They didn’t have much space to move around but they still gave an amazing show packed with energy and I would love to see them some time in their full potential. They’re music is a mix of Symphonic and Gothic metal but with a kick in the butt.

Next up, after a short time wait was the UK based group Season Of Ghosts, at first I was a little iffy about how the vocalist kept wearing a jacket and sunglasses. But to be honest, even if it’s not my thing the music was fine. I enjoyed watching the crowd dance around excitedly to them. The vocalist came from a different group called Blood Stain Child and I felt like she was acting a lot like the entire crowd was there just for them. Just that and the whole sunglasses and jacket thing didn’t leave a good impression on me, then again. Who am I to tell you this band is no good, if you like it you like it right?


Before the show Jupiter held a VIP meeting with fans who bought VIP tickets, so there was little hustle and bustle between and during the three artists prior and it included some hilarious ‘why doesn’t this door open’ and nearly running into people incidents. VIP’s got to meet the band and take pictures with the band and get some special items too. It seemed like about half the crowd joined.

However nothing beat when Jupiter came on stage, with their grace and energy, it didn’t take too long for the fans to go wild and dance hard. Jupiter is a Visual Kei band and it was obvious, Teru (the bassist) and Hizaki (the guitarist and leader) wearing standard Visual Kei clothing. As we have explained before Jupiter doesn’t have their original singer anymore but Kuze does it well, his voice matches the music and even with me not being a Jupiter fan. if you’d tell me he was the original vocalist I’d agree with you. You could see they all really enjoyed playing and especially with the vocalist the energy burst through the room. Most of the focus was laid on their newest album Zeus ~Legends Never Die~ but none the less fans enjoyed the show and did furi where they could.


  3. Angel’s wings
  4. Drastic Night
  5. Bring me out
  6. SE – show must go on –
  8. No cry no more
  9. The spirit within me
  11. Memories of you
  12. B.L.A.S.T
  13. Blessing of the Future
  14. Zeus: I. Legends Never Die/ II. Conversations with God


  15. Symmetry Breaking
  16. Theory of Evolution

Hizaki is a gifted guitarist and with being the leader of the band he always has the chance to show off a little bit, usually he paired this with some twirls that just made his dress bigger around him, it was a pretty sight.  I really enjoyed to see how much the band enjoyed playing in such a small venue, with Hizaki and Kuze on the edge of the stage and Teru and Daisuke bouncing around in the back a lot. Baroeg, though troublesome as a photographer, seemed to be a perfect fit for Jupiter. A small stage and close to the crowd. I would indeed see this band again may they ever come back as it was a lot of fun and they displayed a lot of energy.

Credit: A Special thank you to En.core and Jupiter
All photo’s can be found here:
A lot of the show is on YouTube as well, if you want to watch some back or watch them in general just go to YouTube and search Jupiter Baroeg!


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