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Album review: The Hu – The Gereg

After The Hu conquered Melkweg, Amsterdam this summer, they came back and released their first album “The Gereg” on the 13th of September. It features some well known songs like Yuve Yuve Yu and Wolftotem but also the newest song played at their show, Shoog Shoog. Still combining rock with traditional Mongolian music. I really like this album and I played it on full blast in my car twice already because it’s just so good. My favorites so far are “The Great Chinggis Khaan” and “The Legend of Mother Swan”.

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The album’s title “The Gereg” takes its name from the term used for the first diplomatic “passport” issued by the Mongol Empire during the time of Genghis Khan. The band’s logo and image on “The Gereg” album cover is of a snow leopard. In Mongolia the snow leopard is very crucial to Mongol Tribes, worship Tengri (Heaven), Moon and Sun and embodies the image of the Snow Leopard. The singular horn represents the band’s uniqueness, there is only one The HU.

The four-piece band combines traditional Mongolian instruments with modern American hard rock to create their own genre of music they call “hunnu rock,” which derives from “HU,” the Mongolian root word for human beings. Hunnu Rock is a combination of Mongolian traditional music and western rock music. The genre is very dynamic it can be metal, but it can also be classic rock. The most unique thing about their style is the Mongolian throat singing, which is an amazing sound that humans make which creates the upper and lower harmony together.


  1. The Gereg
  2. Wolftotem
  3. The Great Chinggis Khaan
  4. The Legend of Mother Swan
  5. Shoog Shoog
  6. The Same
  7. Yuve Yuve Yu
  8. Shireg Shireg
  9. Song Of Women

The songs

The first song of the album, The Gereg, is the perfect intro for this album, it starts slow and then smoothes into a head bobbing track. I like the way it’s build up. Wolftotem, we of course know, it has an amazing music video too. The Great Chinggis Khaan is one of my favorites on this album, It starts up slow with soft vocals before some perfect throat singing along with heavy music. I can’t stand or sit still whenever I play this song. The Legend of Mother Swan really makes me curious about the lyrics and I promised myself I will try and find the translations for it. The fifth song on this album is just great, Starting out with the four piece chanting Shoog Shoog then rolling into a rock vibe. The Same starts slow and deep and has a really menacing sound to it. Followed by the upbeat song Yuve Yuve Yu  I really enjoy this song a lot too. There isn’t much I can really say besides that I just really love this album. Shireg Shireg has a very traditional sound with sounds of horses and nature. The Hu finalize the album with Song of Women, starting slow with soft flowy tones and even with the throat singing and deep voices it keeps its slow flowy sound. It’s truly beautiful. I’m excited to be able to witness this album live and I wish that it will be much sooner than it actually is…


The Hu returning to Europe

Currently The Hu is traveling North America but already announced their 2020 tourdates. They will kick of their 23 show tour in Germany on January 15th and will re-conquor Amsterdam on February 5th. Tickets will go on sale on September 20th 2019, so get them in time!

Jan 15 – Hamburg, Grünspan, Germany
Jan 16 – Aarhus, Fonden Voxhall, Denmark
Jan 18 – Oslo, Rockefeller Music Gall, Norway
Jan 19 – Stockholm, Vasateatern, Sweden
Jan 20 – Gothenburg, Pustervik, Sweden
Jan 22 – Berlin, Kesselhaus, Germany
Jan 24 – Wroclaw, Pralnia, Poland
Jan 25 – Warsaw, Palladium, Poland
Jan 27 – Prague, Lucerna Music Bar, Czech Republic
Jan 28 – Vienna, Flex, Austria
Jan 30 – Munich, Technikum, Germany
Jan 31 – Zurich, Komplex 457, Switzerland
Feb 02 – Cologne, Die Kantine, Germany
Feb 03 – Paris Trianon, France
Feb 05 – Amsterdam, Melkweg, Netherlands
Feb 06 – Antwerp, Zappa, Belgium
Feb 08 – Brighton, The Haunt, UK
Feb 10 – Bristol O2, Academy, UK
Feb 11 – London, Electric Ballroom, UK
Feb 12 – Manchester, O2 Ritz, UK
Feb 14 – Glasgow, The Garage, UK
Feb 15 – Belfas,t Limelight, UK
Feb 16 – Dublin, The Academy, Ireland

North American Tourdates

Sept 19 – Montréal, L’Astral, Canada
Sept 21 – Québec, Le D’Auteuil, Canada
Sept 23 – Boston MA, Paradise Rock Club, United States
Sept 24 – Brooklyn NY, Warsaw, United States
Sept 26 – Washington DC, Black Cat, United States
Sept 27 – Asbury Park NJ, The Stone Pony, United States
Sept 28 – Baltimore MD, Baltimore Soundstage, United States
Oct 2 – Salt Lake City UT, The Complex, United States
Oct 3 – Denver CO, The Oriental Theater, United States
Oct 5 – Santa Fe NM, Armory For The Arts, United States
Oct 8 – Phoenix AZ, Crescent Ballroom, United States
Oct 10 – San Diego CA, The Observatory North Park, United States
Oct 11 – Joshua Tree CA, Joshua Tree Music Festival, United States
Oct 12 – Los Angeles CA, Teragram Ballroom, United States
Oct 13 – Sacramento CA, Aftershock, United States
Oct 15 – Portland OR, Roseland Theater with BABY METAL, United States
Oct 16 – Seattle WA, Paramount Theatre with BABY METAL , United States
Oct 19 – Las Vegas NV, Las Rageous, United States
Oct 21 – El Paso TX, The Lowbrow Palace, United States
Oct 22 – San Antonio TX, Paper Tiger, United States
Oct 24 – Dallas TX, Trees, United States

And the list goes on! check the full schedule here

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