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Interview: Satsuki

Last June Satsuki gave a special concert at Animecon, Rotterdam. Sadly we weren’t able to go on this day and couldn’t review the live but we managed to have an email interview with the artist instead. We introduced and reviewed him before and because of that we were really curious about his works. After his tour he took time to answer these questions, in which he tells us about his close bond with his fans and his step towards trap music and who or what inspires him.

For photos of the event go to our good friend Arlequin Photography

Q1: We already introduced Satsuki to our readers but could you introduce yourself in your own words?
I am the vocalist. Singing is essential to me like breathing. I need to sing in order to express my deepest inner feeling.

Q2: You have been an artist for quite a long time, when and what was the reason you wanted to become one?
When I was a kid, I was in the choir group. From this time onwards, I loved to sing and dreamt about becoming a singer in future.

Q3: After RENTRER EN SOI you kept developing and changing your style as an artist, what is your favorite style so far?
Each era has concept. Each era is myself and connected to my life. I love all styles I expressed so far, there isn’t actually a favorite one.

Q5: With REBOOT you incorporated trap in you music, which seems seems like a big step from rock, can you tell us why you wanted to take this step?
Since the Epocalipse Tour in 2015, I was on stage without support musicians. I started to become more interested in solo artist styles. As vocalist, I try to find more logical way to be alone on stage. These new sounds are very comfortable for me at the given time to express my emotions on stage.

Q6: Who inspires you?
Not person though, actually. It’s basically moonlight that always inspires me a lot.

Q7: Who are you favorite artists?
Kurt Cobain.


Q8: Besides from singing and composing music you started the fashion brand S.T.K.M and started painting, can you tell us something about both of these projects?
I wanted to wear unique accessories I created myself during my performances on stage as well as in my everyday life. My thought was that if I can wear my own creation on stage, it will boost my energy more strongly. This means S.T.K.M is also strongly connected to my music.

Q9: What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?
I often do things self taught. Satsuki giving advice would be: „Just the way you are!“
Trust your inner voice. Trust your seven senses.

Q10: What does Satsuki hope for in the future?
Be myself. Not to lie to myself. Stay positive.

Q11: Going to your live show, what can people expect?
You can enjoy my music.

Q12: With your European tour ending, what’s your favorite memory of this tour?
Talking with the Feathers members, my fanclub members. We could talk in a very good mood. They gave me a lot of energy. I feel so appreciated and respect them very much.

Q13: If our readers are interested in finding your music, where can they find it online?
How/where can they buy your music and art?
This is the address of my official online shop:
But you can find my music also on digital platforms like iTunes, Google playSpotify, etc.

Optional Q14: Is there anything you want to tell our readers?
Thank you for reading this interview. I hope you can be touched by my art. See you somewhere!


Big thanks to:
EN.CORE rocks
Arlequin Photography

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