Sightseeing: Trick Eye Museum

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Sightseeing South Korea

Trickeye museum Hongdae
B1 floor, Seogyo Plaza 20 Hongikro 3gil, Mapo-gu
Seoul, South Korea

Last May I went to South Korea, Seoul and with visiting this beautiful country you can’t forget to visit the so called Trick Eye Museum.
The name itself says it all. The trickeye Museum is a place of funny and weird settings with which you can “Trick your eyes” into believing you are seeing something else. It is a unique painting gallery in which you can have a lot of fun.

Upon entering the building you will pass the Love Museum, which is one floor above the Trick eye museum. Pass one down and you will already be greeted by a tricky statue. Passing through the doors you will see some arcade games and a little further there is a small cafetaria with funny chairs. Before entering the real deal, we advise you to download the trick eye app, this is also recommended by the staff. With this app the wall paintings come to live with 3D effects! This makes your pictures even more fascinating. After buying the tickets, you will be greeted by the first “trick”. Standing on a small wooden plank, it seems like the floor underneath you is ripped open and you’ll be balancing above a big pool of “lava”.

After going through the door you will be entered by multiple settings with magical creatures, such as mermaids, pegasusses and dragons. You can surf on the beaks of sharks or ride on the back of a scary water dragon. Throughout the halls of the trickeye museum are all sorts of settings and funny situations. After the paintings you can enter the visual room. Here you can make a beautiful sillhouette picture with a big moon as background or stand next to a cherry blossom tree, which, upon touching, will drop the petals down. You can also pose as an angel, which wings will turn dark after a specific time.

Afterward there is one smaller room where a large naked women greets you. You can get locked up in a crystal ball as well right before entering the mirror maze! This is the place where all your senses will go to waste. There are countless mirrors all around. Within those there is only one right answer for the exit.

Once you survived this part, you can also visit the ice museum for free. This one is rather small and very cold (really very cold). It’s a slippery yet funny small museum in which everything is made of ice. Afterward you can drink something at the cafetaria or choose to go out right away.

This museum is definitely not something you should forget to pay a visit! If you want to tell amazing stories about fighting dragons and lifting your friends up with pure strength to your family at home, this is the place to go.



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