Concert Review: GOT7 in Amsterdam

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KPOP CORNER Music Review South Korea

On 8th October the seven guys of the south Korean boy group Got7 gave a show at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Even though it was a Tuesday, around 14:00 fans slowly started to show up at the venue. Some were giving out fan made photocards and some were dancing. The atmosphere was very good. Everyone was excited. When it was almost 17:00 everyone slowly gets impatient. Unfortunately, the door didn’t open until 17:30, 30 minutes later then it was supposed to open. Everyone is impatient to get inside to see the seven boys. Once the door was open everyone slowly floods inside the venue. Everyone took their time to find their seats since the show didn’t until 18:30 everyone was able to take their time to get something to eat and drink.

The show started on time. They started with the newest release “Eclipse”. After every 3 to 4 songs they will take a little break and talk to the fans. They have also played videos on the screen, so they have some time to get changed. In total they did clothes change of 3 times. They all had some solo or unit stages. JB and Youngjae had solo singing stages, after their stage Mark, BamBam and Jackson had a unit stage where they did two rap songs. Jinyoung and Yugeom had dance stages. Through the solo/unit stages they were able to show some of their own colour to the fans.

After the third time changing clothes. BamBam had his shirt inside out, he didn’t even notice it until Mark told him that his shirt was inside out. Everyone was able to laugh about it and after performing he quickly ask if he can go back to put his shirt right again. In the meantime, the rest went on thanking everyone for coming. BamBam was back very fast and when it was his time he decides to sing “If You’re Happy And You Know It” but then his own version and everyone happily sang along. Yugyeom and Youngjae had their little talk and said “Ik hou van jullie” that got the fans screaming really loudly. Afterwards they did another 2 songs and interacting with fans. Jackson also took his shirt off and threw it into the crowd. Slowly one by one they were leaving the stage and ending the show.

The show was really fun, the boys gave an amazing show and all the fans really enjoyed it. After the show it was the Hi-touch moment for the fans that bought the vip ticket. Unfortunately, the staff wasn’t very nice and kept pushing the fans to keep walking. Some fans weren’t able to take the moment in due to the fact that it happened so fast. Thankfully at the end everyone was able to talk about it happily of the moment that they saw their favourite artist from upclose.


  1. Eclipse
  2. OUT
  3. Never Ever
  4. Skyway
  5. JB Solo (Ride)
  6. Youngjae Solo (Gravity)
  7. Mark/BamBam/Jackson Unit stage (Intro + God Has Returned/Mañana)
  8. Jinyoung & Yugyeom Unit Stage
  9. Stop It Stop It (remix)
  10. Sign
  11. I Am Me
  12. Come On
  13. Just Right
  14. Paradise
  15. Look
  16. Thank You
  17. Save You
  18. Teenager
  19. Page
  20. Lullaby
  21. Hard Carry
  22. Miracle
  23. Fly (Remix)
  24. Go Higher
  25. I like you
  26. Shopping Mall
  27. Before The Full Moon Rises


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