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Concert Review: Somei Yoshino + Define Me (CZ) + Zeroshiki

A live on a Monday is better than nothing at all and this event showed that it was worth offering our calm Monday night for 3 awesome bands: Somei Yoshino, Define Me and Zeroshiki in Musicon, The Hague.  We have been promoting the show that took place on October 7th, we were rather curious when about the show. Léonie had seen Orochi before a couple of times and knew what to expect but Define Me and Zeroshiki was completely new to us.

Somei Yoshino

The night started with Somei Yoshino, the newest project from ex-Orochi singer Ryu. Together with guitarist Masashi they opened the night with a blast combined with Japanese traditional sounds. For some fans it was a ride down memory lane due to the fact that they played Orochi songs mixed with the Somei Yoshino style. Singer Ryu showed of his skills on the flute and Masashi got also his time to shine with the guitar solos. Ryu thanked the audience many times and the opportunity to play in the Netherlands again and hopes to be back again soon. Their show was a short but a good start of a great night. It would be even better with a full band, the recorded instruments just didn’t feel real enough sometimes. Afterwards Ryu joined the merch table and took his time chatting with people coming up to his stand and taking Cheki with them after they bought a cd+cheki set. Everyone seemed really happy with it.

Define Me

Despite not being an Asian band we liked Define Me from Czech Republic so much that we included them in our review too! They played as second and at the beginning we thought their music was a bit mediocre but they gave it such a twist that it was really enjoyable. Good metal and clean vocals which were very appealing to our ears. We were blown away and couldn’t stand still at all! The guys of the band seemed to really enjoy being on stage and the guitarist and bassist even did an excited jump of stage and danced around while playing.  After the live we looked for merchandise but there wasn’t any so we gave them a like on facebook and hope for the best. Maybe one day we’ll meet again!


  • Distance
  • Hopesidian
  • Le Dernier Soir
  • Identity
  • What You Are
  • In The Skies
  • Wake Up Honey
  • Skyscrapers


The last band of the night was Zeroshiki, already active since 1998 but just started touring the world. After a few songs the members held a really nice member introduction. Did you know that singer Dai was born in a Shinto shrine but decided to become a singer? This Shinto influence can be found back in Zeroshiki’s music. Dai’s singing is a bit unusual and his eyes pierces through your heart but his voice is great and he has a way of carrying himself so elegantly and composed that you can’t help but look at him. Bassist Mugi, another very important member of the band kept supporting his fellow members and suprisingly didn’t wear shoes on stage. Most of the talking was done by their guitarist Shou, he had an amazing big smile all through the set and was really nice when we spoke to him after the show. Along with them they brought another guitarist and an amazing drummer. The drummer wore just socks and sat kind of high on the stool but he had an amazing power in his drums and we were blown away by his skills.
After they played their set they were asked for even more and they felt a little shy but ended up playing another song or two yet we still didn’t feel like they should stop playing. They did however and we had a small chat before parting ways. What we noticed that they really enjoyed playing together and kept making eye contact before breaking in the biggest smiles ever. It was definitely a lot of fun to watch, Again we hope to see them live once again in the future.


  • Reunion
  • Blue ray
  • In Flames
  • Noro
  • Frontier
  • Wyvern
  • 朧[Rou]
  • Zero

The Venue

Musicon is a nice small place for these kind of bands, it’s more a bar with a stage so the overall feeling was very nice. After the show there is time to talk with other fans but also the bands when enjoying a nice cold beer and they even sell various types of food. We shared a bowl of nacho’s because we were kind of hungry. The staff was super nice. The only thing was that they sat there would be free parking but after circling the place and the church several times I ended up giving up. The odd thing was around the venue the pay to park started from six until twelve…. I paid about 10 euro to park for a couple of hours.


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