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Interview: The Hu

After attending their show back in July and reviewing their awesome album The Gereg, we finally had the opportunity to interview The Hu while they’re still touring the US for the rest of the year but also don’t forget they will be coming back to The Netherlands next year. Get your tickets right here.


For people who don’t already know you could you introduce yourself in your own words?
The HU is Eastern meets Western, old meets new, and traditional meets modern. Hu is the root word for human being in Mongolian language. We chose this name because of the inclusive nature of the word. We would like to share our music with everyone in the world without any exclusions.
Your style of music is called Hunnu Rock and you’re seen as the starters of Hunnu rock. Do you feel like you are or are there other artists also carrying this title?
We call our style The Hunnu Rock which is a blend of Mongolian traditional music and contemporary Rock music. The genre is very dynamic it can be metal, but it can also be classic rock. The most unique thing about the style is the Mongolian throat singing, which is an amazing sound that humans make which creates the upper and lower harmony together. We are the first band to play Hunnu rock but not the last one.
We read that you all studied music, how long did it take to master throat singing and how did you learn it?
Between all the members of the band we have 2-20 years of experience in throat singing. It takes years of hard work to master it.
Do you have any tips for people who want to learn Mongolian throat singing?
Never give up. Keep trying.
What inspires you to write lyrics and music?
Your band suddenly got really big, even before releasing your album and you went on a worldwide tours that easily sold out. Was it weird to suddenly be so big?
We expected some kind of success because we worked so hard to make these music videos. We traveled over 5K kilometers on off roads to western Mongolia to film Yuve Yuve Yu. There were days we got so hot in the desert or get so cold on a mountain top next day. We’re very honored and humbled by the reactions of the people all around the world.
What has been your best or weirdest and worst experience during tour?
To be honest we don’t remember having those kinds of experiences. Everywhere we go we feel love and support of the fans.
You played in the Netherlands back in July. What did you think of the atmosphere during the show?
We had an amazing crowd who chanted with us. There was a non-Mongolian guy in front of us who could throat singing in Mongolian. We are coming back in Feb at the same place The Melkweg.
Did you get to do some sightseeing, if so what did you like best?
We wish we have time to do sightseeing but we’re usually too busy to do it.
You always receive a lot of comments in Mongolian on youtube. What kind of reactions do you usually receive from people from Mongolia? Are they as positive as the western?
Frankly, 99% of the comments are non-Mongolian. Sure, the Mongolian comments are mostly positive.
What can we expect from The Hu in the coming year?
We will be very busy in 2020. We’ll be touring a lot.
This was the last question, Anything else you would like to tell or say to our readers?
We are coming back to Netherlands in Feb at the same place The Melkweg. This time we’ll play at the Max. Please, come to our show and let’s have another unforgettable night! Thank you

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