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Interview: Mugi of Zeroshiki (English+Japanese)

Some time ago we wrote a concert review on Zeroshiki in Den Hague, a show organised by Avo, and we finally had the chance to speak to the bands leader Mugi. He took his time to answer our questions. Which all the more proves how amazing this band is and that you should be listening to them any time you can. Below we’ll add all their social media once again for you to follow if you haven’t already.

Q1. For the people who don’t already know you, could you introduce yourself in your own words?
Q1. まだバンドの事を知らない方々に向けて自己紹介をお願いします
We are ZEROSHIKI, an alternative rock band based in Tokyo. We are mainly focused on creating melodious music in our writing process.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.


Q2. You’ve been around for a long time. Could you tell us how you got into playing music and singing?
Q2. 長い間続けていますが、どのように音楽を始めたか教えていただけますか?

At the last show of my first band, my friend from high school who was there said that he was really moved by my playing and asked me to be in his band next. That’s how I started.



Q3. Zeroshiki isn’t in its original line up anymore and you’re playing with two new members. Could you tell us about them?
Q3. 今ZEROSHIKIはオリジナルメンバーを含めて新しい2人を入れて活動していますが、彼らの話を聞かせてください
I am fortunate that every member I’ve ever played with have all been great. And since these two current support members, Toki (guitar)
and Hikari (drums) have joined, we’re an even greater band than before. Toki helps us with recording and arrangement of our new songs. He is like our producer. He is really talented and keeps putting his effort in on many levels. Toki introduced us to Hikari. Hikari used to play drums in the metal band called “abstract”. Now he plays in multiple bands in a variety of
musical styles. On one hand, he is extremely passionate about his technical skills and on the other hand, is a really playful and fun person as well.


毎回最高のメンバーだと思ってやってきてますが、サポートギタリストのトキ、同じサポートのヒカリを加えてからは更に最高になりました。トキは、我々のレコーディングや編曲などもやってくれています。プロデューサー的立ち位置ですね。彼は本当にセンスがあるし, 日々音楽に対しての努力の姿勢もあって素晴らしい人間です。そのトキの紹介で来てくれたのがヒカリです。元々はabstractというメタルバンドのドラマーで、その他にも多方面でドラムのサポートとして活躍してます。テクニック、パッション共に申し分ないし、人間的にも面白くて最高です。


Q4. When writing songs, lyrics, and music, what or who inspires you?
Q4. 曲を作曲、作詞している時、何がまたは誰が大きく影響しますか?
Melodies often come to me when I’m driving. Other times I listen to music that moves me and become inspired to write new music
myself. When it comes to lyrics, I write when there is something that I really want or need to say. Otherwise, our vocalist Dai is in
charge of writing lyrics.




Q5. Zeroshiki is a very specific name, how did you come up with it? What’s the story behind that name?
Q5. ZEROSHIKIは明確ではっきりしたバンド名ですが、どのように生まれた名前でしょうか いきさつを教えてください
Originally, I started this band as “Hyakushiki” (Type-100). It is a golden colored “Mobile Suite” from an Anime, called Z Gundam.
I used to love Hyakushiki at that time, so much that I had no doubt in my mind that our band needed to be named after that.
However, when we were about to put the album “Attack to Japan” onto the Japanese market, in order to avoid trouble with the legal
rights, I simplified the meaning to starting from the beginning, hence changing our name from Hyakushiki (Type-100) to Zeroshiki
(Type-0). A few years ago we decided to change the way we write the band’s name from its original Japanese kanji to
Roman lettering to be more accessible on a global scale.


初めは、百式という名前でした。機動戦士Zガンダムに出てくる金色のモビルスーツです。当時は百式が大好きで、なんの迷いもなくそれにしました。 でも、全国流通のCD (attack to japan)を出すときにもしかしたら著作権に引っかかるかもという理由から、原点回帰の意味も込め、100から0へという事で零式と名前を変えました。そして、数年前に世界でも分かりやすく読めるようにとZEROSHIKIと英字にしました。


Q6. With your European tour finished, when coming to your shows (no matter in what part of world) what can visitors expect from
Q6. ヨーロッパツアーが終わりましたが、世界のどこであったとしても次回観に来られるお客さんはZEROSHIKIのライブに込められた何が期待出来ますか?
With new music ready, the next tour is revved to be an even more intensely emotional show, that I hope everyone is looking forward to
as much as the band is.




Q7. Out of all the songs, what is your favorite song to perform live?
Q7. 数ある楽曲の中で、ライブで演奏して一番好きな曲はどれですか?
Of course, I love playing all of our songs, but I can honestly say there are 2 songs that I like to play live the most.
One is Blue-ray. I personally love the songs 6/8 rhythms. I get really into it.
The other one is “ROU”. It is the most technical song we perform. I love it because I really have to focus playing my part to the point
where it begins to feel almost like slapping my own back really hard.




Q8. What is the best thing that ever happened during one of your concerts?
Q8. 今までやってきたライブ中起こった出来事でどんな事が最高だった思い出で一番印象に残ってますか?
Best thing that ever happened… that’s surely when I feel our music truly reaching the audience.
Especially when I see the big smiles from the audience. Watching them getting into us gives me a sense of real satisfaction.




Q9. Is there anything memorable that happened at the show in The Hague?
Q9. デン・ハーグでのライブで起こった一番印象的だった事は何でしたか?
A lot of shows we play are only 30 minutes long. But we had a chance to play a longer set that day, so I really enjoyed that we could
play more of the songs we wanted to play. Maybe this is a little too personal of a memory, but oddly during that show, Toki’s guitar head hit my shoulder really-really hard! It was
quite painful! Haha!

通常は大体が30分という時間でライブをしています。デン・ハーグでのライブは持ち時間も長くやりたい曲も全てやれて最高でした。お客さんも楽しそうに聴いてくれていたのが嬉しかったです。1番印象的というと、個人的な話になってしまいますが、ライブ中にTokiのギターが思いっきり、肩にあたって本当に痛かった事ですかね 笑


Q10. Could you tell us Zeroshiki’s plans for the future?

Q10. ZEROSHIKIの今後のプランを教えてください
The big plan is: make more music and get out on the road again.
We would love to tour in Asia, Australia, and of course Europe again too.
We are definitely open to playing shows in new and exciting places, wherever adventure offers to take us!




Q11. Are there any artists Zeroshiki some day wants to collaborate with? If so, who?
Q11. 今後ZEROSHIKIが一緒にコラボしたいと思っている事、人は誰かいますか?
My most favorite band “Textures” is from the Netherlands. They aren’t playing anymore, but I would love to collaborate with any of
members from Textures! Whenever I listen to them I get the feeling of being transported to somewhere else in our universe… I really love them so much
regardless of the band having broken up. The other band is “Rise of the Northstar” from France. They love Japanese animes and mangas and are really good at putting these
ideas into metal music and making it great. I would love to collaborate with them if given the chance. I love what they do.


オランダは、自分が世界一好きなバンドであるテクスチャーズがいます。彼らは解散してしまいましたが、テクスチャーズのメンバーとコラボしてみたいですね!!彼らの音楽は、本当に心に響いて聴いてると宇宙にいるかのような錯覚が起きます。本当に解散しても大好きです! 後は、フランスのRise of the Northstarです。彼らは大好きな日本のアニメや漫画を取り入れそれを本当にカッコよくメタルに消化しています。その生き様も含めて、機会があればコラボもライブもしてみたいですね。


Q12. Please give us a special message for our readers and tell them why they should be listening to Zeroshiki?
Q12. これを読んでいるリーダーに何か特別なメッセージとなぜZEROSHIKIを今聞くべきかをお伝えください
This might get long. ZEROSHIKI has played for about 20+ years now.
We might not have any big “claim to fame” achievements to speak of in particular from these past 20 years but it has never made me
want to hide the fact that being in pursuit of the things I still would love to achieve.
Ever since I started to play with our current members, not only has the quality of our music improved but the band started to tour the US
and Europe. I want people to see a person who has spent his life believing in one thing.
Although I am not young anymore, I want to show that there is something great waiting for you when you really try hard and have faith
in yourself. As people listen to our musical material I want them to pay attention to what our band is evolving into.
Please come and see us play if you have us in your mind. We’ll be back in Europe someday for sure.


20年もやってきて、これといった大きな実績があるわけではありません。もちろん色んなチャンスはありましたが、結局自分の信じたモノを曲げてまでそれに乗るのはおかしいってずっと思って活動してきました。でも、今のサポートも含め今のメンバーになってからアメリカだのヨーロッパだのってツアーも出来ているし、いい音源も出来てきています。 なので、自分が本当にこれだと信じ切った人間の生き様を見てほしいですね。消して若くないけど、自分を貫いた先は必ず最高のものがあるっていう事を証明していきたいですね。ZEROSHIKIがどーなっていくのか。それを曲を聴きつつ見届けて欲しいです。皆さんに。そして気になったら、ライブに来てください。必ずヨーロッパに帰ってきますので。


ZeroshikiHP, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Thank you Mugi for taking the time to answer and to Sho for taking the time to translate. It was great seeing you play, meeting you really quick after the show and for this interview. We look forward to new music and seeing you play again.

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