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Artist: BRATS

Rock band BRATS announced they will release seven singles this year. This all female rock band already released their first of seven singles and it’s a great one. BRATS was formed by the sisters Rei and Aya Kuromiya when they were only 10 and 12 years old in 2011. Starting the band and chosing it’s name because Rei was rather bratty in that time. They released their first demo at their first show a year later in 2012 but ended up halting their activities in 2015 after Hinako joined on guitar because they felt like they were being pushed in a different direction than they originated from, when they released “14-Sai-Byou” (14 year old disease).

Brats members have cited various rock and punk influences as their inspirations. Rei’s interest in performing music began when she saw a SCANDAL concert at the age of 10, and Hinako started a band when she was 15 years old covering Japanese bands such as ELLEGARDEN. Aya lists singer Mio Yamazaki as an model female musician.

At the end of 2016  BRATS announced they would be releasing new music and in December “Ai ni Koiyo” was released as a music video but also as an opening theme to the Japanese anime “To Be Hero” In this new video you could really hear their new style which is much more hard rock. As explained by Rei “We are older now and we can express our own opinions more, we want to rock! We feel confident about our direction and have no concern about our future”

After a hiatus of a few years they went back with focus on BRATS fully, they started their first tour since two years and released another themesong, this time for the movie Slavemen and went into the studio with the group, resulting in them releasing their very first full length self titled album in July 2018. This album contained both the theme songs, new songs and also fully mastered previously released live performances. It also featured songs co-written by Rei.  In 2019 BRATS played their first overseas show in South Korea together with idol metal group Broken By The Scream at a show called “Ambitious Girls Series 1”. Live footage from this show was used to make the video shown above “Unfair”. In January of 2020 they had their first show in the USA, Playing life at Anime Los Angeles and here they announced they would be releasing seven consecutive singles. The first was released on January 10th called “Excuser” (エクスキューザー).



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