Concert review: Crossfaith in Köln, Germany

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On the 29th February the 5 guys from the Japanese heavy metal band Crossfaith gave a show in Köln, Germany. It was a Saturday and rainy day in Germany, around 15:00 some fans have already gathered around. Everyone was talking to each other waiting for the door to open. At 16:00 the door opens for the fans who has purchased VIP tickets.
In the VIP package includes:
  • Meet & greet with the band
  • Full band photo
  • Lanyard
  • Exclusive goodie bag (tote bag and signed poster)
The fans get to go in one by one and talk to the band before taking a picture with them. After the group picture with the band the fans with receive a tote bag with a lanyard inside and handed a signed poster by the band themselves. When every fan has had the opportunity to talk and take a picture with the band. They took a big group picture with all the fans. Everyone stayed a bit behind to talk to each other, Crossfaith slowly left one by one to get ready for the show. Kazuki stayed a bit longer behind to sign merch for fans and taking pictures with the fans. After Kazuki, everyone had to go back outside to wait for the official door opening.
After everyone has left the building and started waiting outside again. When it was slowly hitting 19:00 and slowly the rest of the fans are arriving. It got livelier by time. The fans who had VIP were allowed to go in first.  The show started at 20:00 sharp and the first band Black Futures, they are a new up and coming metal band from the UK. they played for about 20 minutes. A lot of people didn’t know them, but they have got the crowd going with their songs. Ocean Grooves was next to play. An Australian metal band that has been around for much longer than the first band. They played for a good 30 to 45 minutes and the crowd was really warmed up and ready for Crossfaith.
When it was finally Crossfaith turn to play, the crowd went wild the moment the members of Crossfaith steps on the stage. There was a lot of energy going on. Even if they played a very short setlist, that did not stop the crowd of having a good time with the band. After every 3 to 4 songs, they will take a short break where they will do a small talk with the fans before playing again.


  1. Destroy
  2. Rx Overdrive
  3. The Perfect Nightmare
  4. Kill ‘Em All
  5. Freedom
  6. Endorphin
  7. Omen
  8. Monolith
  9. Encore
  10. Deus Ex Machina
  11. Catastrophe
  12. Countdown to Hell

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