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Miyavi – Holy Nights

Miyavi is a well seen entertainer in our book, We’ve reviewed a show in 2019 and written an introduction on him when we just started the page and he released a new album on April 22th. He has been streaming the songs from performing them with his daughters and wife Melody (who has her own music career). Miyavi has promoted his new album Holy Nights pretty well even in this worldwide lock down and I, personally, have been really looking forward to it because I loved his previous album a lot.

He started playing for the band Due Le Quartz in 1999, went solo in 2003 and since then Miyavi’s sound has evolved so much over the years, going from Visual Kei sound to a more metal/rock-y, going through a blues sound and to a mesh of all and it seems that he has found his pure sound. It has elements of electronic music mashed with his unique way of playing the guitar, slapping and plucking the strings instead of playing with a plectrum/pick or making his guitar wail and just drums.  Even though I’m usually not a fan of this type of sound, I love the higher pitched voice with a raw edge combined with the music and it makes me very happy and I always dance to Miyavi’s music. He started playing for the band Due Le Quartz in 1999, went solo in 2003 who easily hypes everyone up with his music, he gave acting a try and stared in his own movie names Oresama, Angelina Jolie’s WWII movie Unbroken, Kong: Skull Island, the live action version of Anime BLEACH, Gangoose, Stray and the Walt Disney movie Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

The new album Holy Nights was released on 22nd of April 2020 and has 2 songs featuring other albums, famous K-Pop star Amber Liu and the Dutch artist FÄIS. The album has a total of 12 songs of which one is an intro song. It starts with Need for Speed which flows perfectly into Holy Nights, There’s a lot you can say but the songs match with the next one making it easy to listen to. So far for me it seems really hard to pick a favorite songs since I love them all. It’s a true Miyavi sound and feel and he usually sings about love and positivity as that’s his message to spread to the world. He even made a new version of his hit DAY 1, which feels a little heavier and with some change in the lyrics it’s a song that will always get everyone dancing like crazy during the shows

I have nothing bad to say about this album, I love it front to back and maybe it’s not for everyone but for me this is one of the best albums brought out this year and it will be on repeat in my car every single day.

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