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Game: Imperial Affairs

Imperial Affairs is an online simulation and role-playing game set in the Qing Dynasty. You will start as an aspiring maid, get entangled in the princes’ clash, and experience every aspect of the legendary palace life. It tells an extraordinary story of love, ambition and royal intrigue. Developed by the company TOMATO OF LOVE TECHNOLOGY PTD.LTD. I have been playing this game for a little over a week and for now I’m rather obsessed with it. We reviewed another game like this before Game: Be The King which ended up sucking because to continue you had to buy an account, which I did, and then continued to log me out of the account and server. Which sucked harder.. so don’t play that game.

The game is rather simple, you start out as a princess who’s family did something and ended them in jail and you being send down to become a maid, through being fair and tricky and making some choices and using some princes’ you’re supposed to climb the ranks to become an empress. I haven’t gone that far yet, I’ve made it up to First-Class miss so far. The general part of the game is logging in on a daily basis, do your chores and rake in the log in bonus’. Which are indicated by little stars. You also level up the princes’ and cultivate them and your trainees. The general basis of the came is simple because you have to make some choices to make the men and women like you but otherwise it’s just click and go. My most liked part about the game is the ‘traditional’ Chinese music and the characters have a Chinese dialog when you have your sound on, the translated text can be a little .. odd at times but it’s nothing too annoying. Of course there’s an option to buy the game, but so far I haven’t felt it’s necessary to play it.

Game: Imperial Affairs ( Maybe also names Imperial Beauties but unclear)
Genre: Simulation, Roleplay, Click to go storyline game
Release date: April 2020
Paid: Not paid but possible
Rating: 7/10


Overal opinion of the game is good, just like with Be The King I absolutely love the artwork and I wonder where the game will take me every day. I’m wondering when you actually start having a love interest and maybe even have babies. That seems like a lot of fun too.
all in all, if you like simple click games don’t let this one slide and have some fun!

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