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Formed in 2006 in Kyobashi, Osaka, SCANDAL made their major debut in 2008 with “DOLL.” The following year they won the Best New Artist category of Japan Record Awards with “ShojoS”. The girls have a huge herd of followers from home and abroad, and perform shows throughout the world. In recent years they also attract attention as fashion icons, and as producers of their own clothing line “Feedback!”. In 2019 they founded their private label “her”. They are Japan’s iconic girl band in reality and in name.

Releasing their newest single SPICE in July, as part of a short Animation called XPICE under the collaborative, cross-creative with internal and external creators and artists under production studio XFLAG. The song was composed by SCANDAL’s talented guitarist MAMI and the lyrics written by artistic drummer RINA. The track is based on the themes in the animation. Courage and understanding being one theme as well as Fighting together.

The visuals created for XPICE are created by the production company MARZA ANIMATION PLANET and a small team of creative elites from Spooky Graphic. Creating a new way of expressing anime with hand drawn images and full CG.

“We knew that when you mix a diverse set of people and talents, the extraordinary happens,” states the project’s homepage. “So with a mission to create new culture, we brought artists and creators together to combine a unique story, masterful animation, and an all-new song from SCANDAL into something the world’s never seen before. The result? Our very first work: XPICE — a tale of heroes fighting to protect their city, and how they grow along the way. It’s got a dash of courage, a pinch of teamwork, and a whole lot of heart.”



Release date: July 15, 2020
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The song in it self is great, we added it to our playlist right away. It has that true anime vibe along with the perfect rock music played by great artists. We’ve been a fan of SCANDAL for some time and the anime looks great. We will be watching that as soon as we can and will share the link when it’s online. The colors are vibrant and we think the storyline will be just as good as the theme song of this anime.

We urge you to find more SCANDAL to add to your playlist and if you’re interested in more awesome music, TOMOMI has taken over the JPU Records Playlists and on the 20th MAMI will take it from her. If you want to check it out go to the following link

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