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What would you do when you’d wake up one day, you family is out on a trip and have left you money for groceries since you’ve ran out but then a virus spreads and your building is overrun by neighbours infected by it. Having to save your own life from zombies and trying to survive without food because leaving your appartement isn’t an option? This is what happens to young gamer Joon-Woo when he wakes up some morning, ready to get back into his gaming, He receives a message from his parents and sister saying they’re safe and to keep himself alive, He b(v)logs his troubles and sends out a cry for help, but nobody shows up. The zombies keep roaming and trying to find their way inside of his appartement.


Native Title: #살아있다

  • Also Known As: #Saraitda
  • Director: Cho Il-hyung
  • Genres: city, isolation, seoul, apartment, zombie
  • Country: South Korean
  • Language: Korean
  • Release Date: 24 June 2020
  • Duration: 99 Minutes
  •  where to watch: Netflix


Yoo Ah-in as Oh Joon-woo
Park Shin-hye as Kim Yoo-bin
Lee Hyun-wook as Lee Sang-chul
Oh Hye-won as the policewoman
Jeon Bae-soo as a masked man
Lee Chae-kyung as wife of the masked man



I’m a big fan of horror movies and I decided to watch one when #ALIVE came onto my to watch list I haven’t seen a lot of South Korean horror movies and I have to say, disappointed because it wasn’t super scary but it was awesome either way. Instead of a million jump scares this movie shows the more psychological side of being locked away and scared for days on end. It shows Oh Joon-Woo slowly dissolve in his promise to his parents to stay alive. Running out of food, drinks and water being cut off. He finally regains strength when he meets Kim Yoo-bin in another building. What I really liked too that there wasn’t a full on fight scene between the infected and the survivors and it seems that most of the meetings with the infected are won with just luck. This movie is a great one and I think everyone who has a love for Korean film and zombies should watch it.


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