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Introducing: Daylotus (Eng+Hangul)

While scowering the internet during this worldwide pandemic, I received an invite from one of the members of a group we have interviewed before to follow his new music endevour, as I am still very much interested into Visual rock and that band I decided to of course follow his new music, read more about this group in his own words, by TOA:

Daylotus is a visual rock band formed by TOA and ankimo in July 2020. TOA wanted to make a more powerful sound than previously performed music. He also wanted a similar composition with the Korean band EVE. *EVE : It is the first generation visual rock band in Korea. Their producer and vocalist sing at the same time in the band. Just in time, ankimo was taking a break from his long-standing band activities. At the same time, he was working as a producer of vocaloids. ankimo was active in various genres of bands – from metalcore to grunge. He was also able to achieve more genres of music through his activities as a vocaloid producer. This is why TOA sent him a love call.



Originally, Daylotus was supposed to work as a duo. But there was a change in the composition of the members when they found a supporter for live shows. It is the joining of Yu Shin and Cheshire. Yu Shin, a bassist, was recovering from injuries and taking a break from music activities. Yu Shin’s ultimate goal is to create his own one-man band. Therefore, he had various talents, including singing and bass playing. TOA recognized his talent and recommended recruiting as a member.

Cheshire is a passionate guitarist. Even now, he is involved in a variety of music activities with ankimo, including Daylotus. There was no separate audition, but after seeing his sincerity, TOA accepted him as a member. There are four members of Daylotus and they are now preparing to release their first album. The first album was produced before Yu Shin and Cheshire joined. Therefore, the participation of the two in this album is small. However, they will also participate in many aspects of their future activities, including live performances.

The music of Daylotus will be more experimental than the members had been doing before. At the same time, the band will play a wider range of genres. The four members are sharing and absorbing their favorite music. Please look forward to it. Thank you.


Daylotus는 2020년 7월 TOA와 ankimo가 결성한 비주얼록 밴드다. TOA는 이전에 해오던 음악들보다 좀 더 강력한 사운드를 만들어내길 원했고, 한국의 밴드인 EVE(한국의 1세대 비주얼록 밴드로 프로듀서와 보컬리스트가 동시에 노래를 한다)와 같은 구성을 원했다. 마침 ankimo는 오랜 기간동안 해오던 밴드활동을 잠시 쉬며 보컬로이드 프로듀서로 활동하고 있었다. ankimo는 메탈코어부터 그런지까지 다양한 장르의 밴드에서 활동해왔으며, 보컬로이드 프로듀서를 하는동안 좀 더 넓은 범위의 음악까지 소화할 수 있었기 때문에 TOA가 바로 러브콜을 보냈다.

원래 Daylotus는 2인조로 활동할 예정이었으나 라이브를 위한 서포터를 구하면서 멤버 구성에 변화가 있었다. Yu Shin과 Cheshire가 합류한 것이 바로 그것이다. 베이시스트인 Yu Shin은 부상으로 인해 몸을 회복하며 음악활동을 쉬고 있었다. Yu Shin의 최종 목표는 자신만의 원맨밴드를 만드는 것이었기에 노래와 연주를 비롯해 다양한 재능을 갖고 있었다. TOA가 그 재능을 알아봤고 멤버로 영입을 권유했다. Cheshire는 열정적인 기타리스트로 지금도 ankimo와 Daylotus외에 다양한 음악활동을 함께 하고 있다.

별도의 오디션은 없었으나 Daylotus의 오리지널 곡을 성실하게 연습해오는 모습을 보고 TOA가 영입을 권유했다. Daylotus의 멤버는 이렇게 4명이며 현재 첫번째 앨범을 발매 준비 중이다. 첫번째 앨범은 Yu Shin과 Cheshire가 합류하기 전에 제작된 앨범이기 때문에 두명의 참여 비중은 낮지만, 라이브를 비롯한 추후의 활동에서는 그들도 많은 부분에 참여할 예정이다. 밴드의 음악은 멤버들이 이전에 해오던 것보다 좀 더 실험적일 것이다. 동시에 밴드는 좀 더 폭 넓은 장르들을 소화할 것이며, 한쪽에 편향되지 않은 음악을 하기 위해 노력 중이다. 멤버 4명이 서로 좋아하는 음악을 공유하고, 흡수하고 있는 중이다. 앞으로 많이 기대해주세요.


I was also informed by Daylotus that their music will be out really soon, please keep your eyes and ears open on their facebook or here on Saetori when it drops!

Social Media/SNS

Facebook: Daylotus – 데이로터스
Twitter: Daylotus (@daylotus_band)
Instagram: Daylotus_데이로터스 (@official_daylotus)
Youtube: Daylotus_데이로터스


All information and rights belong to Daylotus

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