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Interview and new single for MADMAN’S ESPRIT (video)

Madmans Esprit releases a new digital single “백골의 정원” (Garden of skeletons) world wide through their new label “nO aUTHORITY” on January 30th. Based on a mid-tempo alternative rock vibe, the song combines the characteristic evil sound of black metal and modern metal breakdowns. From soul-crashing DSBM arpeggio to brutally fast blast beat, Madmans Esprit is not hesitating to show more of their black metal origin. Yet the song stays very catchy and melodic, not losing their V-kei influences.


NEW SINGLE 「백골의 정원」
RELEASE 2020.01.30


Way back in 2019 we posted concert review about MADMAN’S ESPRIT with the information that we would have an interview up soon, but due to circumstances this interview got ruined then lost but finally after way too long, we found it! Taught ourselves how to edit and finished it! we’re not happy with the images however but Kyuho makes up for it with his answers and the time he spend talking to us. Of course a lot has changed for MADMAN’S ESPRIT since then and we still follow their every move. This new song 백골의 정원 is an absolute gem and we love it, we recommend you play it at max volume.

Please enjoy this interview from April 2019!

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