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The Bridge Curse

A Taiwanese TV reporter was sent to a university where a few years ago 4 young students lost their life by supposed suicide but the details are a little bit hazy. Starting out her report by climbing the 13 steps of an urban legend bridge where a student lost her life after being stood up by her boyfriend in the bridge in the forest near campus. The story unfolds in live footage shot by the group of friends scaring their juniors with a task for their initiation into the school. On a certain day, climbing the stairs and 13th step appears, when counting do not turn around at the 14th step because the ghost of the murdered girl will be behind you.

Of course this is just what happens to the teenagers and a hunt throughout the school ensues, will the reporter find out the true story about the 13th step and the 4 deceased students? Find out by watching The Bridge Curse on Netflix.


女鬼橋 The Bridge Curse
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Horror, Supernatural
Release Date: 27 February 2020 (Taiwan)
Duration:  88 minutes

Director: Lester Hsi
Writer:  Keng-Ming Chang, Po-Hsiang Hao
Stars: Ning Chang, Cheng Ko, J.C. Lin, Summer Meng, Vera Yen. Wan-Ru Zhan

Youtube: 女鬼橋
Facebook: 女鬼橋

A true legend

The inspiration for this movie actually came from true events/true campus legend on the Tunghai University in Taiwan. A thirtheenth step appears on a bridge on the campus at midnight, the spirit appears and asks a student for the time. Getting the name due to the fact the bridge was so remote and scary that they dubbed it the Female Ghost Bridge. in 2016 a student named Li Le wanted to test the tale and livestreamed his adventure. Ending up tricking the audience by putting up a show for them and hanging a figure into the trees behind him. He later ended up apologizing and deleting his livestream but the production team of the movie already caught on and worked out the entire plot based on this students story but with more layers and more creepiness for those who enjoy this kind of movie.


Personal opinion

I think that Asian movies always have some extra layer of creepy that gets under my skin, maybe it’s the sounds or the way of filming but there were definitly a couple of moments during the movie that I felt the hairs in my neck stand up with tension. In general the movie isn’t the scariest out there of course, it’s a topic we’ve seen a milion times but still they gave it a fun plot twist in the end that actually surprised me a lot, therefore, I will be giving the movie a rating of 8 out of 10. My motivation for such a high rating is the plot twist and the build up of the movie.

There’s a couple of where you’re just like “come on! that could be better!” but with others I really liked how it turned out. The way the students died were kind of new to me too. This is definitely not a movie to watch with younger kids though it is one that you could watch on your own. The jumpscares aren’t too bad neither is it super gruesome. Please watch it and give me your own opinion in the comments!

However, I saw that they made two other movies from the same directors and I am curious how they will turn out in the end. I’ll let you know when I watch them.

In conclusion, watch this movie if you want to be scared but not so much that you won’t sleep throughout the night. I has some jump scares and tension but above all it’s a good movie to watch even when you’re alone!

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