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The Yin Yang Master

Qing Ming, a Yinyang Master, is a half-human half-demon officer of the Yinyang Bureau guarding demon souls and a supernatural artefact called the Scale Stone. After he is scapegoated for the death of a guard team and his senior, Cimu, he escapes and starts a new life, travelling between the human and demon worlds.

Seven years later, when the demon king threatens to return, he becomes embroiled in the robbery of Imperial tributes being delivered by Boya. He is also hunted by Bai Ni, head of the Yinyang Bureau, with whom he had a pact. Trapped in a fighting arena in the demon world, Qing Ming escapes with an injured Bai Ni, Boya and their friends. It is revealed that Qing Ming has been caring for and training a team of demons in preparation for the Demon King’s return. 

Native Title:  侍神令

  • Also Known As: Shi Shen Ling
  • Director: Li Wei Ran
  • Genres: Historical, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Release Date: 12  February 2021
  • Duration: 113 minutes
  •  where to watch: Netflix ( search The Yin Yang Master)

Chen Kun as Qing Ming
Zhou Xun as Bai Ni
William Chan as Ci Mu
Qu Chuxiao as Yuan Boya
Wang Likun as Peach Blossom Spirit
Shen Yue as Shen Le
Wang Zixuan as Snow Queen
Wang Ruiyi as Butterfly Spirit


I really enjoyed the idea of this movie. The characters and the background but I feel like they put too much rush into the movie and it didn’t really build up any good story line. It just went from fight scene to fight scene and in my opinion it would be better made out as a series instead of a movie.

I would have loved to see some character backgrounds and development but this I didn’t find in the movie, Absolutely loved the CGI and the stories of the animal demons and it would make SUCH a great story, however I didn’t know it before but the movie is based on a game called Onmyoji. Guess I’ll have to go download that and play it.

In overal I’d like to give this movie a 5 out of 10 due to the fact that I wanted some depth to the characters, however it’s really not bad and totally enjoyable. I always love anything that has to do with Chinese history and myths and legends. so if you do aswell, give this movie a shot and watch it on netflix.

I loved how they also did the make up on the actors and I would have loved so much more information/character building for Ci Mu and Qing Ming but the idea is great however I’m really curious about the game and I’d love to watch more movies of these actors because they seem great and to be honest The Snow Queen is my absolute favorite character together with Shen Le.

Tell me your favorite Chinese movies in the comments!


I also just saw that there’s another movie called The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity, I am interested in doing that as a review aswell and compare the two as they’re the same story and game it’s based off but different directors. So stay tuned for that!

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