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A band that I’ve been keeping my eyes out for since finding their music on Spotify and Youtube is ONE EYE CLOSED. Having had the chance to interview them and talk about their aspirations together with how great their music is I feel like it’s an honor I get to announce their newest song ‘All of Us’ which is went online just yesterday. This new song is different from their previous work but so incredibly good that you can’t not listen to these guys. They also recently signed with JPU Records so I’m sure we’ll hear lots of them in the future.

ONE EYE CLOSED about their song and music video

This song is essentially a way for us to show our range with our musicianship as a band, since we always have our image with rock music; the song blends genres of funk, pop, and jazz. While this song enters the realm of catchy pop music, the song’s lyrics and sound ironically tackles the pressure to be “cookie-cutter” in society or the music scene.

We wanted to put an easy-to-digest image of the whole “cookie-cutter” society by forming our music video around the idea of a dystopian world in the future where it’s essentially an exaggerated version of the modern world, a society where we’re pressured to be the same (especially in Japan). 


This song is written from the perspective of someone living in a society forcing their citizens to live 100% by their standards, from enforcing repetitive daily routines, what they like, and how they think. Through this concept, we talk about the pressure society has to follow the latest trends and to be what society expects of you. We also express a similar pressure felt by musicians, who are constantly told to follow what’s chart-topping, by ironically approaching the song with a pop sound and avoiding heavy instrumentation.  Forcing yourself to be something you’re not is just going to lead to an unhappy life, so we should not be afraid to push boundaries. 

All of Us Single cover

Writing Process

Since we are still amidst a global COVID-19 pandemic, most of our writing and recording was done individually at home. None (guitarist) made the demo composition of “All of Us”, which he then passed onto REI (vocals) to compose vocal melodies, come up with a concept, and write lyrics. Once that was done, the song was passed onto Yasu (bass) and Kay (drums) to write their individual parts. Yasu went onto record the bass at EXTREME STUDIOS in Roppongi and Kay went to Studio NEST in Chiba. After passing tracks back and forth, REI then finalized the vocal melodies/lyrics and recorded them at his home. Finally, all stems were sent to Studio NEST for mixing and mastering.

Our opinion in short

We love this track, it’s upbeat and the vocals are so clear as expected. Please give this song (and the band) all the love you have because they really deserve it with. They’re talented and down to earth. Looking forward for a full album! Check out the interview we had with ONE EYE CLOSED too.

Click the names below for the music videos  they released before, with the newest after All of Us first.

One Eye Closed – With How I Feel (Official Music Video) – YouTube
One Eye Closed – “Monster” (Official Music Video) – YouTube
 JPU Records One Eye Closed playlist

Interview: One Eye Closed

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