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One Eye Closed releases MV for LOW, Giveaway

One Eye Closed is a band we want to promote all the time, we have already done multiple articles on them and we will probably continue promoting and supporting this awesome group. After releasing a their debut album One Eye Closed has now released a new music video for the song LOW on their debut album ADAM & EVE, this song was remastered by the one and only Яyo Trackmaker ( from Girugamesh). Read their introduction and explanation of the song below and go to to buy the album but if you read the article and follow what we asked, there’s a chance to win your own copy! We ourselves own and love the album too, so it’s a good thing to have in your possession. 


Album Overview & Themes

“Adam & Eve” marks One Eye Closed’s debut album with 11 songs from EP “Cain”, EP “Abel”, and recent singles. The album also includes a remastered version of “Low”, remastered by Яyo Trackmaker (aka drummer and songwriter of Girugamesh). “Adam & Eve” explores the concept of a man named “Abel” fighting his inner demons personified into a singular character named “Cain”. Topics of depression, anxiety, trust issues, self harm, and suicide are all reflected in the song lyrics and sound in hopes of reaching those who are going through the same things or something similar. The album also spans on different genres and styles, showcasing just a small glimpse of what the band is capable of doing.  

”Low” Music Video

This time, we wanted to make a fun and energetic music video, fitting for our most popular single “Low” which is also the Ending Theme song to the video game No Straight Roads. We just wanted a straight performance video to show how we are like live. The MV setting is also referring to the beginning area of No Straight Roads. Our guitarist None also wears a Bunk Bed Junction T-shirt, which is the name of the band of Mayday and Zuke, the two main characters of the game. Again, no real concept to the music video, we just wanted to present ourselves as a band and give an honest performance.


  1. Alone
  2. Low (remastered by Яyo Trackmaker)
  3. Fixated
  4. Dynamite
  5. Make Sure
  6. Monster
  7. Fire
  8. Dear
  9. N.C.H.
  10.  With How I Feel
  11.  No Fakes

Order – Stream – Watch

Album Art & Album Name

The album artwork and other designs present in the physical copy of “Adam & Eve” are designed by REI. Since the album is a collection of songs from “Cain” and “Abel” and recent singles (not including “All of Us”) sharing a connected concept, the design is designed to be “finale” of the artwork for “Cain” and “Abel”, which were both also designed by REI. The design with “Cain and “Abel” start to explore the concept of duality, representing the characters in the concept to be facing each other, while “Adam & Eve” ‘s features a singular box in the center, symbolizing the characters in the concept becoming one. The titles of the two EPs “Cain” and “Abel” are directly inspired by the story of Cain and Abel from the bible and also from the fact that REI has a hard time expressing his own thoughts so he often has to “kill” his own image and make an alternate ego to make things easier for himself. “Putting words into a fictional character is much easier and therapeutic for me when it comes to expressing my deepest and most painful thoughts,” says REI. The album “Adam & Eve” borrows from Christiniaty again, but this time, the title “Adam & Eve” symbolizes the beginning of One Eye Closed’s journey as a band. “We’re not a Christian band, and our songs aren’t meant to be Christian songs, but we just can’t help but be fascinated with the stories and philosophies of religion and implement them into our song concepts. There are times where people go through so much pain and suffering that they question their own beliefs; we wanted to reflect that into our lyrics.”

Writing Process

Since we are still amidst a global COVID-19 pandemic, most of our writing and recording was done individually at home. Generally, None (guitarist) makes the demo composition, which are then passed onto REI (vocals) to compose vocal melodies, come up with a concept, and write lyrics. Next, the song is passed onto Yasu (bass) and Kay (drums) to write their individual parts. After passing tracks back and forth, each member comes into a conclusion of each part of a song, which is then sent off for mixing and mastering.

Extra Details

The music video for “Low” will be  available to watch on YouTube and the physical copy of “Adam & Eve” will be available for purchase via JPU Records website. The digital copy of “Adam & Eve” will also be available for download via the JPU Records website, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more. The album will also be available on Spotify.

*All tracks inside the album are already available to listen to. The focus of this album isn’t focusing to present new songs, but to compile our existing songs (not including “All of Us”) into a physical album for fans to hold.

Giveaway ADAM & EVE

We have a copy of ADAM & EVE to give away to a fan of One Eye Closed, it will be shipped from The Netherlands when the winner is announced, the giveaway closes on the 11th of June at midnight (amsterdam time).

How to win this awesome album
1. Follow us on social media ( FB, Twitter and Instagram)
2. Follow One Eye Closed and JPU records on social media
3. Like and share the posts on your social media (Please share them publicly so we can see them)
4. Tell us in the comments (on FB, twitter or Instagram) which is your favourite song of the album.
5. Every comment, like and share on the different platforms is more chance to win.

Good luck!

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