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Artist: Jass Yang

Jass Yang is a Taiwanese born producer, starting his career in a rather big rock group called Fun4, Jass Yang went solo he over the years developed his music and his own style. There isn’t a specific genre to give his music but it’s traditional Chinese/Taiwanese elements mixed with dance music.

Jass Yang wrote songs for many other artists an at age 15 he was the youngest licensed street performer in Taiwan but at age 18 he formed the band Fun4 as the lead singer and guitarist and they released two EP’s before he debuted as a solo artist and writing music for movies and television productions.

In 2016 Jass Yang left Taiwan to work as a producer and mixing engineer in London, UK. Showing his background for traditional Taiwanese sounds and rendering that with British electronics he created an unique sound that he’s been exploring since.

Having released a new single at the end of March and already having a documentary and and Ebook out about his journey so far as an independent artist Jass Yang is really paving his own way with his own true style. By incorporating the stories of Chinese folklore and history in his songs he truly works hard creating something spectacular and with his newsletter he explains his songs and the story behind it.

Written in 3000 BC, from the Sun to the Moon, from Heaven to Earth, the big four ancient legends explained why things are how they are to us.

There’s only one sun cause Hou-Yi shot down nine others. There’re shadows on the Moon cause it lives the exiled wife of Hou-Yi. The celestial movement in the sky is tilted because Gonggong decided to bring the world down by breaking the pillar mountain that held up the sky.

But thanks to Nüwa who sacrificed herself to patch up the sky and saved us all. All these stories were taught when we first started to learn about the world and how humankind was created. Interestingly, lots of stories could be seen in other cultural mythologies as well such as “The Great Flood” and “Creating Human from Clay” etc.

As I learned more about the stories, I found it interesting to see some connections between the stories and the ethnic characteristics. Also, there’s more and more evidence showing these ancient stories might be true. Starting from Shoot Down the Sun. One legend, one album, seven stories, seven songs.

Jass Yang

I came across Jass Yang through instagram, where his video kept showing up as an advertisement and I was rather invested in the visuals used and the sound of the music and it easily drew me in. I decided to follow him on the various social media and I noticed that he often has live sessions on instagram where he’ll play his music and chat and dance with the people viewing him. The vibe is always rather good. After Jass Yang moved back to Taiwan last year he showed a lot of traditional things and how his family celebrates the Lunar New Year.

As for his music you can find it all on Spotify but he also has an awesome live performance on his facebook page that he recorded in his family shrine.  Jass Yang had a festival show lined up this year in Poland but of course due to Covid-19 it was cancelled. Below you can find his 2018 documentary and below that you can find his music, social media and website!


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