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Concert Review: Dreamcatcher: Tilburg – 17-11-2022

Dreamcatcher debuted in 2016 after two members were added to the line up of the already existing kpop girl group MINX ( from 2014 to 2016) because the CEO Lee Joo Won felt like the group didn’t garner enough attention because there were many girl groups debuting at that time with the cutesy style and catchy songs. He felt like it was better to promote a group who differed from the usual with a rougher style that “Others wouldn’t do”. Releasing heir first single album Nightmare in the beginning of that year. In the beginning of 2018 they went on their first world tour with MyMusicTaste, a website where one could vote and promote groups to go on tour, you could pledge to the group and get tickets first when they would have gotten enough votes and people pledging. This tour only cemented their rise to fame and they have since released a couple of albums and gone on two world tours. 

We had the chance to join their leg of the European tour in Tilburg on 17th of november 2022, though not a big fan of girl groups  myself and not being very familiar to DREAMCATCHER I was really excited to see them live. It’s always best to see artists live and let them impress you with their stages.

Tilburg isn’t very close to where I live so I had to leave early enough to be in time and of course it took me forever to get there, but once I arrived I noticed that, as I’m in my thirties, 013 Poppodium has changed a lot since the last time I was there. There were so many people already lined up that the line went all the way around the building and down a shopping street. Though as I had to put my tiny backpack in a locker around the corner after I had done that I could go in before a lot of other people. Which for me isn’t an issue because I usually try to stick to the back so I can see everything and also watch the crowds reaction. While watching people filter in slowly; I was already very impressed with all the fans being dressed up in beautiful black capes with gold edges and lightsticks that looked around 2 meters long. (I’m not kidding, I stood in the back on some stairs and the lightstick was still higher than I was).

When the lights went out everyone screamed and the music started, my gosh was I impressed. Dreamcatcher has an amazing amount of energy and their dances were really good. (Secretly I missed some extra screens but only because I was further away and did want to see the groups faces).

The show started with the song Vision and Maison, dressed in red pants with a black top it already looked impressive as they all danced in sync. Following these two songs they introduced themselves to their fans; who are called Insomnia. They took their time to talk to fans and each other during the show and even played some fun little games where they would pick a name and a song from a bag and they would show the dances of the song they picked and sometimes even the dances of the other members.

A picture the group took with the dutch fans

What struck me most with this group is how even though they had a lot of choreography the girls really did their best to have the most fun with each other and the fans chanting their names. Including fan service/skinship and just generally being silly. One of the members SuA, really took her time to dance on and with her members and of course received a lot of screams for it.

Overall, this was my very first girl group show and I was extremely impressed with everything they did. The stage was a little bare with just a screen in the back but the visuals were impressive and they would show the song name or some lyrics on the screens. I also really really liked watching Insomnia sing and their fashion. So many KPOP fans really dress up really pretty and with the aesthetic the group is displaying at that moment. Of course for DREAMCATCHER it’s a bit more dark and grungy.

  • Vision
  • Maison
  • BEcause
  • Red Sun
  • Rainy day
  • Jazz Bar
  • Poison love
  • Odd eye
  • Scream
    -solo showcase-
  • Playground – Gahyeon 
  • Beauty Full – Dami
  • No Dot – SuA
  • Winter – Handong
  • Entrancing – Siyeon
  • For – yoohyeon
  • Cherry (Real Miracle) – JiU
  • Break the Wall
  • Locked Inside a Door
  • Silent Night
  • Wind Blows
  • BOCA
  • Fairytale
  • Starlight
  • Some Love
  • Over the Sky
  • New days

I’d love to see this group again on their next tour, they’re fun and engaging. their music is absolutely awesome to hear live, I couldn’t stay still if I tried and the fans are absolutely lovely.

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If you would like to watch the show, go to this guys youtube page. He filmed the entire concert

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