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Concert Review: Ateez – Fellowship: Break the wall – 10-02-2023

Another great KPOP group (debuted in 2018)  graced Amsterdam last February 2023. Besides from amazing stage presence, the vocals and even background visuals; the Atiny (their fanbase) has dressed up to match the groups theme for the show. In line for hours before the show and even sleeping there no matter how the weather was the Ziggo dome was absolutely packed with fans of the group.

When we came in there was a massive moon hanging above the stage and I watched a whole bunch of fans gather around us and the lightsticks were being waved around before the show had even started.

While I hadn’t been a fan of ATEEZ before, I am definitaly now; This show was absolutely amazing and the group was awesome at hitting every single aspect of it. From the backdrops of the stage, the songs picked and the way they performed. Each member has their own charisma and theyre able to display it perfectly in each song. The show lasted an incredibly long time and even with the size of the venue the group was able to connect to every single fan in the audience.

There is a lot I can say but I was absolutely overwhelmed with how good this group is live. My favorite perfomance was Cyberpunk. The camera men really did an amazing job also getting the choreo filmed perfectly. I have not a single thing to say about this show by Ateez besides from the fact it was ABSOLUTELY amazing and I am truly happy I could be there and witness how incredible they are. if they ever return; I will join my friends in the crowd and dance my heart out with them.

There was one downside though; As I hadn’t joined many boygroups before it was quite a culture shock to me with how badly the fans are screaming, crying, nearly collapsing during the entire show. At some point I became overwhelmed with the constant screaming of the fans around us. At the same time I do understand that for a lot of the fans this was an unique and maybe first chance to see the artists they’re so incredibly in love with; and maybe, if I was younger I would be in the same state as them seeing my favorites.


New World
Sector 1
The Ring
HALA HALA (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive)
Dazzling Light
My Way
Illusion(Extended Intro)
Say My Name
I’m The One (HEAT-TOPPING ver.)
Wonderland(Remixed Outro)
Encore: Turbulence
The Real (Extended Outro into Credits)



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