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Artist: ONEUS

ONEUS is a group under label RBW was formed through six trainees in 2017 and the group debuted as six in 2018. Starting from the second season from Produce 101 along with trainees from another survival show by YG called Mix Nine. With the trainees from these two shows they started another tv show/survival show called “RBW Trainee Real Life – We Will Debut” in 2017.  In 2019 they released their debut EP “Light Us” on January 19th and they charted the Itunes top charts, being number one in the U.S. and Australia. releasing their second EP four months later along with a Japanese debut in August of the same year.

The following year they joined multiple artists on Road to Kingdom and reached fourth place and also in the same year released their fourth EP. In October of 2022 one of the members left the group after inappropriate behavious from his side and ONEUS was left as a five person group. The group is placed as an R&B tinged group and I agree. They have a very specific sound.

Releasing PYGMALION on May 8th 2023 as their current set up and announcing a world tour it won’t be long until they will hit the stage in Tilburg, The Netherlands. 013 Poppodium is already promoting their show, with the VIP/Tier 1 tickets already sold out. Don’t wait and get your tickets as soon as you can.


Their 9th album came out the beginning of this year on the 8th of May 2023. It’s an EP and it has 5 songs on it. Starting with an intro to set the mood of the album.

Intro: LETHE
It has a very expensive roman feeling to it with violins. It’s beautiful mixed with the korean different vocals and different singing styles. Though its only a minute fifteen long.

I shouldn’t say it but this song really gives me BTS, Blood Sweat and Tears (era) vibe mixed with some more edm vibes. However it is my favorite era of BTS so this means I really enjoy the song a lot. I like the difference between the classical theme and the edm beats. For now my favorite on the album

This song really feels happy, I love how the ways of singing go seamlessly into the each other. What I really like so far about this album is that it’s really like the older kpop artists I used to like yet it feels new. it’s a really good song even though it still reminds me of 2PM/BTS/B1A4.

Echo really feels flirty to me and I’m excited to see the dance and interpretation to this song. From the slower songs this is my favorite. It’s really got that perfect loving vibe.

Halley’s Comet
Again another perfect drama/movie song. This song is absolutely pouring love and missing some one. I love it so much and will be playing it loudly in the car because thats the only way this song should be played. LOUD. It’s a slow loving, missing song with belted lyrics in the perfect way.

This album is one of my top ones of this year, Definitly worth a listen!  Will you be coming to the show in Europe too?

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