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Series: Put Your Head On My Shoulder

While I was sick during the pandemic I turned to Netflix and decided to watch a whole bunch of dramas, one of the one that truly stood out to me was the Chinese drama Put Your Head On My Shoulder; based on Zhao Qianqian’s novel of the same name. With actress Xing Fei playing the lead role as accounting (but I think it was more graphic/commercial) student who moves out of the dorm room at school because it’s too far from her intern and into the apartment of physics student Gu Wei Li played by Lin Yi.

致我们暖暖的小时光 (Zhi wo men nuan nuan de xiao shi guangPut Your Head on My Shoulder )
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Coming-of-Age
Release Date: 10 April  2020 (China)
Duration: 40 to 45 minutes per episode
Episodes: 24 + 1 Special episode
Locations filmed: Ningbo, China & Germany

Directors: Zhu Dongning
Writer: Zhao Qianqian
Stars: Xing Fei, Lin Yi, Tang Xiaotian (among others)

It’s a weird sort of combo with  Si Tu Mo portrayed messy, outgoing and indecisive accounting student and Gu Wei Yi being portrayed more as an autistic super smart nerdy guy start living together as students. Si Tu Mo at that time was very much in love with childhood friend and Gu Wei’s rooommate Fu Pei. However when he doesn’t reply her advances she eventually gives up to focus more on her future.

Landing a pretty nice internship where at first she moves into an appartment closer to her internship she finds out that she will be living with another school student Gu Wei. Because their shedules and lives differ immensely it usually becomes very silly but very cute situations for them and they slowly, though silently start liking each other more and more and each in their turn impacting the others life with their intersts and way of living.
My honest opinion is that the series is rather cute and moves at a slow pace with long durations of the series. Nothing very odd or extreme happens and it’s all very slice of life that can end up making you feel very warm and fuzzy on the inside.

If you enjoy just watching romantic comedies and slice of life stuff this series is definitely for you to watch. There was also a Thai remake of the series under the same name that came out in 2021


Very cute and enjoyable, I had such a good time watching and took my time watching it too. I started bingewatching it at first but after a while I got too sucked into the storyline so I had to forcefully pull myself out of it. It’s soft, it’s cute and super sweet.

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