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Hua Chenyu – 希忘 HOPE

Two years ago I was introduced to Hua Chenyu while I was looking for more Chinese artists, I was absolutely in love with the album he had just released and reviewed it for this website ( read it here ) since then a lot of things happened on the front of this amazing artist, the rumors of him becoming a father came out and he was dragged quite a bit for a while but last year; sure I’m really late with this; he released a new album. I’ve listened to it twice now and it’s just as good as that I felt that NEW HOPE is. I still absolutely love the way he composes his songs and his more high pitched singing voice is amazing and matches it so well.



  1. Airplane Mode(飞行模式)
  2. Flower in the Little Town(小镇里的花)
  3. Flower in the Little Town Folk Version(小镇里的花 民乐版)
  4. Black and White Artist(黑白艺术家)
  5. I Really Want Myself Back(好想我回来啊)
  6. Meet When the Flowers Fall(花落时相遇)
  7. Let’s Go Watch the Sunrise Together(走,一起去看日出吧)
  8. Born Toward the Sun(向阳而生)
  9. Light the Bonfire at the End of the Galaxy(点燃银河尽头的篝火)
  10. When the World Forgets Me (当全世界忘了我)
  11. Illusion and Reality (虚幻与现实)

Airplane Mode

This song starts off with bagpipes which, to be honest, throws me off a little bit. Though as soon as Hua Chenyu starts singing and the beat sets in it has a slight rock-ish feeling. It’s again a song that throws in so many different elements and Hua Chenyu really knows how to play these different elements so well. Rock sounding instruments, soft singing voice and a low choir chanting at times. Reading the translated lyrics however is always a little tricky; theres of course a lot lost in translation but what I gather from the lyrics he’s heavily criticizing work culture. Both lack of pay, having to work long hours and the stress that comes with it. When you listen to the song it doesn’t sound this critical but that’s what I like from Hua Chenyu, he makes beautiful songs with great lyrics.

Flower in the Little Town(小镇里的花) and Flower in the Little Town Folk Version(小镇里的花 民乐版)

I’ll pile these two songs together because it’s technically the same song but played in different ways. The first version of the album has soft strumming of the guitar and it’s a flowy soft song. I love it in this version; but the more traditional folk song tops it for me. The traditional sounds of China really resonate in it. He’s using traditional elements to add to this already beautiful song.

The lyrics show me that it’s a lovesong towards a flower. It’s cute and soft and I really really love this song.

Black and White Artist(黑白艺术家)

A slow start thats becoming a bit more fierce as the time goes on and the balance is really nice. You can hear that Hua Chenyu wrote/sings the song with a dismissive slightly annoyed voice.
A song fully about resisting the norms of people; that being different is ok.

I Really Want Myself Back(好想我回来啊)

This song absolutely breaks my heart; I’m unsure if its a heartbreak I miss you or a heartbreak I miss me song… Maybe it’s your own feeling that you can put in place in this song. It’s soft and sensitive; I feel like it really matches a song on the previous album. I really love Hua’s voice in this; soft and airy but with so much feeling.

Meet When the Flowers Fall(花落时相遇)

Another extremely sensitive song where Hua Chenyu plays with his voice and sings extremely high aswell. The lyrics talk about hard times but that you can make it through!

Let’s Go Watch the Sunrise Together(走,一起去看日出吧)

Soft, happy, skipping through the grass song. The lyrics talk about how nothing is important as long as you’re happy and can look forward to the future. It’s very cute and soft and I love it. Playing this song cheers me up every time I play it.

Born Toward the Sun(向阳而生)

This song is difficult for me to put a meaning to, it’s very poetic and it gives me the feeling that it would be sung in a church. Theres a small kids choir and then Hua with a slightly deeper voice. It’s really showing me that church vibe.

Light the Bonfire at the End of the Galaxy(点燃银河尽头的篝火)

One of my favorites, this song lifts me up, the beat of the music is like a pace of running. These kinds of beats usually set me up for a good song; I start dancing and moving around to it. I love how the song keeps being a bit subdued and then during the chorus it becomes more upbeat. Reading the lyrics it’s clear that Hua Chenyu never lost his alien streak. Talking about chasing comets and having bonfires in the milky way sound like a party to me and I’m down :). I love this song so much.

When the World Forgets Me (当全世界忘了我)

The way this song is set up; rain, someone walking followed by a piano. I can only imagine a dark smokey bar and a lonely pianist singing this Blues edging song. The lyrics show just what the song encapsulates already with the music. A forgotten artist wanting that strong feeling of being on stage back and to be in the spot light once again. It’s sad and beautiful at the same time. A bitter sweet song.

Illusion and Reality (虚幻与现实)

This song is full of dramatics and changes in pitch and I live for it. I love that it goes into a more hard rock vibe halfway through and you just want to bang your head and dance around to it. The lyrics are… heavy to say the least and I can’t put my finger on it fully what it’s about. But it has opera like singing and screaming guitars and it’s so good.


In the mean time on December 3rd Hua Chenyu released a new song 普通到不普通的人生  and it’s really upbeat and fun!.




All in all; this album just like the previous one for me is an absolute must. Please give Hua Chenyu a go. He’s an artist in every sense of the word. It’s so good and refreshing and I feel like you can’t put him under a specific genre. He’s just really really good.


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