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Concert Review: Hinako Omori: Amsterdam – 04-12-2023

On the 4th of December during heavy rains outside Hinako Omori came to grace Tolhuistuin in an intimate setting with seats all round and rugs and pillows on the floor to sit, her music is one to really take you places in such dark lit rooms and her soft singing voice was ringing throughout the room perfectly.

Arriving to the stage in a long flowy dress and her hair pulled up in a high bump the intimacy of the atmosphere was really staying when it was just Hinako and the keyboard and mixing table.

A soft introduction of who she was and how she released her latest album before expression how she wanted to travel through her albums and play the songs as she feels fit. Absolutely enchanting and beautiful it was nice to sit there and watch her in quiet admiration.

There isn’t a true setlist to be found on line so I’d tell you; if you like floaty earthy music please listen to her albums.

I wanted to take pictures but the setting was far to intimate to walk around and take people from their trance while listening to the music. I filmed a little bit to share with you and convey the feeling of the venue and the music some.

The Venue

Arriving to any location with the weather we’ve been having is rather annoying these days but as the road there is a little messed up due to them building new appartments, I had to find the parking garage and it was pure hell, I circled it about 4 times before I found the entrance. I parked at the garage Tolhuistuin recommended but I have to say, it’s not very accessible for people with disabilities. The disabilities parking spots had random walls built around it so you can not park there, then when I came up with the elevator the disabilities ramp going into the building was so steep there is no way anyone could get up it. Luckily there was another door leading outside but the roads/side walk are hell too around it so please be carefull going here. Why am I adding this? Because I’ve been spotting more and more people with disabilities at the shows I go to and I think everything should be accessible in the Netherlands. It’s a short walk to Tolhuistuin I had a little time to spare and went up to the restaurant at first. Tolhuistuin is a complex that houses a lot of different things. I saw some people get dance classes, I saw something about politics and of course a couple of different concert rooms. I’ve seen Hanggai there twice so I was rather well known already with the place. Overall I like Tolhuistuin. They’re friendly and nothing is too much of a problem when arriving at their shows; the building has an older relax feel and I really enjoy it and I hope to be able to go there often.



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